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Salesforce is the world’s best cloud computing CRM software, and it is the most cost-effective solution for progressing companies. ERP integration to Salesforce CRM provides a complete view of customer’s activity, including Sales Orders, Invoices, Buying History and Customer Master information. Although, ERP integration to Salesforce CRM  is complex but sure to offer numerous advantages to companies.


With ERP Integration to Salesforce CRM, synchronization of customer data stored in ERP platform will be done with data in CRM. So here, there is no need to update information in two platforms separately. This integration can also offer your sales reps and allow customer service team to see order status. Further, it can help them to make better communication with customers and inform them of changes.


Integrating Salesforce CRM with your ERP makes sure that both the platforms have smooth data flows between them. Salesforce and CRM help to deal with and provide the service quickly. Accurate information is at one master platform and can be used through any system. This eliminates costly errors and increases productivity.

Top benefits from ERP Integration to Salesforce CRM :

  1. Better customer service
  2. increase the visibility of data that will be used by different departments
  3. Enables your finance and customer service teams to make faster and smarter decisions
  4. Data accuracy



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