Application Modernization Services

Improve your existing software architecture, upgrade time-tested legacy systems and make them future-ready with our holistic application modernization services

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We, at Oodles ERP, provide enterprise-grade application modernization services to strengthen your application suite with fault-tolerant software upgrade procedures. Our development team uses proven methodologies to revamp your legacy systems and other software applications to adapt to the current technology landscape.

Modernizing Business Applications To Drive Digital Transformation

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Modernizing Business Applications To Drive Digital Transformation

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Our Value Offerings

Avail our enterprise application modernization services to re-engineer your existing software architecture and keep pace with the ever-evolving technology landscape.

Application Modernization Consulting

We provide personalized consulting services for application modernization and legacy system upgrade to enhance business performance with improved software quality. Our team carefully examines your legacy application code and analyzes your software infrastructure requirements to provide the right solution for software modernization.

Legacy System Modernization

Our legacy application and platform modernization services enable organizations to optimize their time-tested legacy systems and achieve higher operational efficiency at low maintenance costs. We use an advanced tech stack and proven software engineering practices to upgrade your legacy systems and other software applications with minimal downtime.

Re-coding and Customization

We strategically re-code and re-architect your legacy systems to help you enhance your business value with the latest technology upgrades. Our customization services ensure you gain more flexibility to manage your enterprise systems while causing minimal disruption to your business workflows.

Legacy To Cloud Migration

Our development team formulates effective execution strategies to successfully migrate legacy business applications and databases to the cloud. We help you choose the right cloud architecture to navigate through business complexities and extract maximum value with effective re-hosting and re-architecting.

Software Reengineering and Containerization

Our developers have vast experience in re-engineering your long-running legacy systems to extend their features and capabilities with minimal code changes. We also provide application containerization solutions to ensure that your business applications run seamlessly in diverse software environments with frictionless CI/CD pipelines.

System Modernization Using Microservices

We enhance the speed and performance of your legacy systems by implementing the microservices architecture using the latest tech stack. Our team formulates a comprehensive execution strategy for legacy system modernization while promoting microservices implementation throughout your organization.

Benefits We Deliver

Experienced Developers

Our developers have years of industry experience in building enterprise apps and upgrading legacy systems with effective performance enhancements. We have successfully completed several full-scale ERP projects with on-demand application modernization for startups and small-to-medium enterprises.

Advanced Tech Stack

We use the latest tools and technologies to equip your time-tested legacy enterprise systems with new features and custom functionalities. Our developers follow a progressive approach to custom-build new features, test, and refine them with rapid iterations.

Quality Assurance

Our application modernization services include 360-degree software testing to ensure that your upgraded app performs smoothly with minimal bugs and glitches. We have an experienced team of QA engineers that specializes in using advanced automation testing tools like Selenium, JMeter, and Katalon Studio.

On-time Delivery

We formulate effective execution strategies and prepare a strategic roadmap to seamlessly carry out software modernization procedures in a phased manner. Our development team uses agile methodologies to shorten your project lifecycle and accelerate time-to-market.