Oodles is committed towards its goal of serving global companies through its best-in-class HRM software products with a well-defined implementation methodology & excellent support systems.

Discover How Human Resource Management Can Help You Grow Your Business

Put an end to the tedious and time-consuming tasks involved in HR with our HR Management ERP systems.

Increased Operational Efficiency

By electronically storing your business data, we help you improve the operational efficiency in recording & finding any information.

Automated Payroll System

Get an electronic payroll system that saves you from the complications of outsourcing payroll needs and gives you a total control over your payroll functions.

Self Service Portals

Streamline your communications & approval processes with self-service portals which further saves your time and reduces the likelihood of errors & communication gaps.

Performance Management

We make it easier than ever to continuously track the performance information & gives you a complete picture of the skills and caliber of your workforce.

Recruiting Systems

Raise your hiring standards with the state-of-the-art Recruiting systems from Oodles ERP.

Here’s How Oodles Helps You Reduce Costs, Increase Revenue, and Improve Customer Experience with Your Brand

With an across-the-board HRM solution, we help you save unnecessary expenses, increase revenue and drive powerful customer experiences with your brand.

Better Workforce
Empower your workforce with the powerful HRM modules from Oodles ERP that take care of all the requisite employee management functions.
Streamlined Processes & Workflow
Give your employees access to the data, applications, and analytics along with automated processes based on their current position.
Plug and Play modules
Add custom ERP modules to your existing HRM systems based on your business-specific needs.
The HRM systems developed by Oodles are highly scalable and can be easily customized with new features and functionalities.
Seamless Integrations
Enhance the capabilities of your existing HRM systems with a wide range of HRM integrations.

What Makes Oodles an Undisputed Choice for HRM?

From developing full-fledged HRM systems to providing random HR integrations, Oodles ERP has carved a niche in this domain.

Accelerated development
Speed up your complex HRM operations with superfast development and integrations from Oodles ERP.
Easy customizations
Customize your business applications with innumerable possibilities.
Cost advantage
Our cost-effective pricing and plans work for literally any size and type of business.
With a solid technology infrastructure and years of excellence in ERP, we devise the best fit for your business.
Experienced Team
Our team of professional ERP experts has hands-on experience in implementing HRM modules in different areas of your business.
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