Inventory management deals with the control over inventory and stocks stored in a warehouse.

Know How Inventory & WMS Systems Can Help Your Business

Proper inventory management serves as an important purpose to ascertain the health of the supply chain as well as the financial health of the balance sheet.

Removing Complexities

Get rid of the cumbersome inventory management processes and get a streamlined workflow.


Track & update your existing stock count as the new stocks are added or removed. Set reminders to place orders & notified as the new stock arrives.


With Inventory & WMS systems, it’s easier than ever to check analytics in real-time to know exactly when to replenish your existing stock level.

Streamlined Operations & Workflow

Efficiently manage your warehouse operations and business workflow with high-octane inventory management solutions from Oodles ERP.

How Oodles ERP Can Help You Grow Your Business With Powerful Inventory & WMS Systems?

Put a stop to adopting the old-fashioned ways of managing inventory. It will hamper your inventory process.

Seamless Integrations
We offer a wide range of Integration services to help you extend the capabilities of your existing system.
Mobile Development
Get all access to your inventory and Warehouse data at your fingertips with our custom Mobile App Development solutions.
Resource Optimization
With a powerful Resource Optimization, we help define labor standards for your business so that everyday operations are performed on time and with utmost accuracy.
Data Migration
Move your business data from your existing systems to the newly built Inventory software without any complications.
Inventory Transfers
Track every movement of your inventory from one location to another.

What Makes Oodles an Undisputed Choice for Inventory & WMS?

With our Inventory management and WMS systems, the process of managing warehouses and retail stores gets faster, easier and more accurate.

Reduced cost and time
Save big on your development costs, get high-octane Inventory & WMS systems at the best market rates.
In-time delivery
Get all your integrations done within the stipulated time frame with minimal complexities.
Real-time communications
Get support for real-time communications across a wide range of communication channels.
Latest tools and technologies
We work on the groundbreaking tools and technologies to bring you the most prudent solutions for your business.
24/7 Support
With our 24/7 expert support services, we make sure you get best-in-class and timely customer support.
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