Streamlining Supply Chain Processes to Save Time and Cost

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Supply Chain Software Development Services

We provide end-to-end customized development services to enable better supply chain planning and execution. Our SCM solution experts have expertise in developing custom solutions with open source platforms like Odoo, Ofbiz, and Opentaps

Our SCM Development Services

Our services include solution integration and technology recommendation to develop SCM solutions like Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Inventory Management Systems, and Order Management Systems (OMS)

Highlights | Oodles Supply Chain Software Development Services

Asset Tracking Solutions

We develop custom asset tracking software that provide seamless tracking experience across desktop and mobile devices. They enable end users to gain real-time visibility of goods with inputs from barcode and RFID scanners

  • GPS Asset tracking software
  • Barcode asset tracking software
  • RFID Software Development Services

EDI Software Development

Our EDI development services conform to regulatory compliance standards like HIPAA, GDPR, and PCI. They ensure data security for efficiently exchanging sensitive information across organizations

  • EDI Software Integration services
  • EDI Software Implementation Services
  • Custom EDI Software Development Services

Material Requirements Planning Software Development

We provide Custom MRP Software Development services that enable manufacturing enterprises to automate purchases and track raw materials

  • MRP Software Development services
  • MRP Supply Chain services
  • ERP and MRP System Integration Services

Order Management Software Development

Our Order Management software development services bring welcome order to the order management processes. We integrate and automate the order processing with Point of Sale Purchase and shopping cart systems

  • Custom order management software
  • EDI Order Management software
  • Order Processing and Returns software

Shipping and Logistics Software Development

Oodles resolves shipping software issues, right from estimating freight quotes to the integration with FedEx, UPS, and USPS by creating apps. It ensures a smooth and efficient shipping experience

  • Shipping Software Development Services
  • Shipping API Integration Services
  • Custom Shipping Software Development services

Mobile Supply Chain Management Development

Our Mobile Supply Chain Management Development services provide instant access to all enterprise data and insights. They enable on-the-go access to critical information in real-time for all supply chain stakeholders

  • Appointment management software development
  • Electronic driver logbook software development
  • Mobile app development services for inventory management

Smart supply chain software development

We are a Digital supply chain management company that develops solutions to improve your supply chain management operations. Our developers are adept at using blockchain technologies to integrate IoT devices using smart Machine Learning algorithms to make SCM operations seamless and eliminate third-party entities

  • Smart Delivery Management
  • Smart Logistics Solutions
  • Intelligent RFID Solutions

Inventory Management Software Development

We develop a variety of inventory management solutions to achieve operational efficiency. Our development services cover various aspects of inventory management including managing and overseeing the storage of inventory and placing orders

  • Inventory Management Software Integration
  • Customized Inventory Management Services
  • Cloud-based inventory management

Key Highlights | Oodles SCM Development Services

Our dedicated team of SCM experts provide efficient supply chain management development services

Integration Services

SCM-ERP Integration - We provide greater operational visibility, increased speed and efficiency with this integration

Integration Services

SCM-Blockchain Integration - We integrate blockchain technologies with different SCM modules like Accounting, Supply Chain Management, and Warehousing for advanced features

Industrialization 4.0

We configure a global network of machines in a smart factory setting with the capability to autonomously exchange information and control each other. It transforms the supply chain into an integrated ecosystem that provides greater transparency

Cloud Service

We provide Cloud-based SCM services to build real-time capabilities. They are critical for overcoming issues like loss of products by identifying the exact location of the shipment at any given stage

Expertise in SCM

We are a supply chain software development company that architects SCM solutions for various industries with custom integrations

Personalized Consulting

We identify gaps in your current workflows and customize them to suit your business requirements

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Our SCM Development Services

Our services include solution integration and technology recommendation to develop SCM solutions like Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Inventory Management Systems, and Order Management Systems (OMS)

Our SCM Development Services
Smart SCM Solutions
Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Solutions
Shipping and Logistics Solutions
Order Management Systems (OMS)
Warehouse Management
Inventory Management
Asset Tracking Solutions
Mobile Supply Chain Management Solutions