We build CRM application on an open, standards-based architecture with a set of robust features that gives you power packed and information-driven sales and service.

Discover How Customer Relationship Management Can Help You

With Oodles CRM, keep your teams & processes organized, increase productivity, collaborate better, and serve your customers like never before!

Leverage power of Information

Imbibe a culture of information-driven selling and support at your workplace. Let your sales team have consistent information across all enterprise information and tools.

Sell Better, Faster

Expedite the processes of identifying prospects, upselling/cross-selling, creating proposals, handling complex projects, and customer follow-up.

Experience powerful analytics

Get single click access to your business’ revenue performance and forecasts - project by project and department by department.

Improve staff productivity

Increase operational efficiency with data powered business planning and monitoring. Get a 360 degree view of open and pending tasks.

Distinguished customer experience

Deliver exceptional customer service through self-service content, online chat, click-to-call, and much more.

Here’s How Oodles CRM Helps You Reduce Costs, Increase Revenue, and Improve Customer Experience with Your Brand

With a seasoned team of CRM experts and quality-driven approach, we build high-octane CRM applications with power-packed features.

Seamless integrations
Deep CRM integration experience with all leading CRM tools (Salesforce, Shopify, Zoho, and more).
Data migration
Get your existing system data to the newly built CRM systems.
Computer Telephony Integration
We help you integrate telephonic calls (leads through the call) within the same system with CTI integrations.
Easy Customizations
Our CRM experts help you customize your business tools as per your sales process/activities.
Scopes & Permissions
Get a total control over your data sources through scopes and permissions within the different areas of your company.

What Makes Oodles an Undisputed Choice for CRM?

With a seasoned team of CRM experts and quality-driven approach, we build high-octane CRM applications with power-packed features.

Get started instantly
Backed by extensive research and industry expertise, in most cases Oodles CRM works like plug and play or ready-to-deploy solution.
Personalized consulting
Let industry experts at Oodles help you identify right workflows and customizations based on your business requirements.
Easy customizations
Oodles CRM is one of the most flexible and customizable CRMs. Easily customize your brand experience without any limitations.
Cost advantage
Our cost effective pricing and plans work for literally any size and type of business.
Latest tools and technologies
We work on the groundbreaking tools and technologies to bring you the most prudent solutions for your business.
Expertise in E-commerce
We have a proven track record of building and delivering CRM solutions for E-commerce platforms with custom integrations.
24/7 Support
With our 24/7 expert support services, we make sure you get best-in-class and timely customer support.
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