Open Source Inventory Management

Open Source Inventory Management

For retailers, wholesale companies, and other businesses dealing with inventory, it is very important to have inventory control. In simple words, inventory control means having higher supervision over one’s own stocks. When you have a full understanding about what is in your warehouse, inventory levels, how much stocks come in, how much stock goes out, etc. It helps to reduce costs and prevent product loss. An open source inventory management system is a primary tool to maintain the right balance of stocks in your warehouses. There are various inventory software systems offered by companies. Open source software has a wide acceptance among several companies owing to its low-cost price and high flexibility.


Odoo is an open source ERP that comes with a lot of essential business modules along with best inventory management features. There are numerous benefits offered by open source inventory software systems.


Top reasons for adopting Open source Inventory Management:

1.Open source

It is free to use and highly customizable because its source code is available for free.


2. 360-degree view of Supply Chain

A free inventory software provides you with more information on the entire business operation in the realm of inbound and outbound product flows.


3. Supports multiple devices

Open source Odoo Inventory application can be accessed on multiple devices such as on Android, Web, Mac. etc.


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