Time and Attendance Tracking

Accelerate your workforce monitoring tasks with better accountability and transparency

We, at Oodles ERP, are seasoned at building feature-rich time and attendance tracking software with real-time monitoring capabilities. Our employee time tracking software development service comprehensively fulfills all your workforce task evaluation requirements. We build features like support for beacons and mobile apps to facilitate seamless and flexible tracking of employee tasks. Our development team is skilled at building enterprise-grade applications that enable business managers to improve decision-making using data-driven techniques

Our Time and Attendance Tracking Development Services

Channel transparency, productivity, and compliance into workforce management

Time Clocking and Monitoring

We build applications with time-clocking features to ensure accurate clocking of hours by employees using advanced methods like biometrics, RFIDs, and beacons. We are skilled at creating web-based time clock software that requires employees to log on to a database and manage their time via the web.

Comprehensive Reporting

Our employee time tracking software development services enable businesses to ensure that every interaction with enterprise data is traceable. We customize your tracking software with extensive reporting through timesheets that periodically take screenshots, allowing admin staff to view operations in real-time and send alerts for actionable items.

Roles and Permission-based Access Control

We provide development services for custom role-based access control to accurately track leaves, work hours, and attendance of employees through an interactive dashboard. Our services include audit trails and audit logging to keep you up-to-date with the state of business data for any date, at any time.

Shift planning

We build applications for effective shift planning to accurately align hours worked by employees with revenue targets and work schedules. Our developers customize and develop employee scheduling software with options to create, share, and edit schedules in real-time and get an in-depth business overview.

Payroll Integration

We can integrate employee payroll with third party time and attendance tracking software for accurate and efficient payroll management. A payroll system directly synced with work hours of the employee ensures there are no discrepancies in calculation and release of pay.

Data Security

Protect employee and enterprise data pulled by your employee attendance tracker software with encryption across all applications in the ERP. Our services include creating encryption keys and encrypting data permissions to steer clear of unauthorized access.


We are experienced in building attendance management systems ensuring compliance with legal payroll regulations and instant alerts to curb unauthorized actions. Be it GDPR in the European Union or GDPR and CCPA in the States, our developers build software with geofencing capabilities to comply with regulatory norms in a geographical area.

Technical support and Maintenance

Our attendance tracking software application development services include technical assistance for seamless application performance. Our technical team conducts routine system checkups to ensure smooth functioning across networks and devices.

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