API Development Services

Strengthen your enterprise IT infrastructure with flexible API integrations, customizations, and a robust software architecture

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We, at Oodles ERP, specialize in building custom APIs to solve complex business problems by adequately connecting several software intermediaries and disparate systems. Our API development services enable organizations to effortlessly manage a variety of software modules through a centrally-managed web or mobile interface.

Delivering Cutting-edge Innovation Through Custom API Development Service

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Delivering Cutting-edge Innovation Through Custom API Development Service

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Our Value Offerings

Our end-to-end API development services cater to your diverse business needs through multilateral web and mobile solutions and custom cloud integrations

Custom API Development Service

We develop and integrate custom APIs for web/mobile interfaces, databases, and intranet systems to enable seamless navigation across different software environments. Our development team conforms to the REST architecture and uses a proven tech stack to build high-performance APIs with effective code optimization.

API Integration Solutions

Strengthen your existing enterprise systems with custom API integrations that focus on extending their existing features and capabilities with continuous performance enhancements. Our API integration services facilitate smooth communication between a variety of software components, programs, and third-party services.

Cloud API Development

Future-proof your enterprise systems by developing cloud-based APIs that let you integrate your disparate business applications and other workloads into the cloud. Our cloud API development services enable your business applications to automatically fetch data and computations from services using a direct/indirect, vendor-specific, or cross-platform interface.

Web API Development Solutions

We develop custom web APIs to render HTTP services that can be easily integrated with web and mobile browsers. Our development team uses the latest REST and ROA architecture styles to create high-performance APIs for a variety of web interfaces.

Mobile API Development Solutions

Our development team builds custom mobile APIs for smartphones and tablets to perform diverse functions such as checking data usage, retrieving account details, fetching geolocation data, and more. We develop RESTfull APIs for mobile apps on a scalable architecture using proven backend technologies like Java, Python, and PHP.

API Test Automation

We use proven API testing tools like Postman, JMeter, and SoapUI to automate various test procedures with a robust CI/CD pipeline. Our QA engineers perform automated API testing to bridge the gap between development and testing and reduce the debugging time in production.

Benefits We Deliver

Personalized Consulting

Our consulting professionals analyze your existing business model and assess your hardware/software infrastructure to identify performance gaps and scope of improvement. We perform 360-degree market research, competitive analysis, SWOT analysis, and formulate effective execution strategies to boost performance and streamline workflows.


We keep you up-to-date with the latest progress and put you in control of the development strategy throughout the project lifecycle. Our team provides round the clock assistance to address your queries and receive your inputs, thereby delivering a hasslefree development experience.

Agile Development

We use an advanced tech stack comprising of the next-gen technologies and frameworks to accelerate your software development lifecycle with optimal risk management. Our developers adhere to the latest industry standards and security protocols to boost development efficiency and deliver API solutions within the stipulated time frame.

Support and Maintenance

Our development team conducts routine system checkups to ensure that all your app components are running smoothly. We continuously monitor your app performance and provide remote assistance to troubleshoot complex software issues.