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Salesforce Integrations

Faster. Cheaper. Easier.
Grow your business with the Salesforce integrations.

Salesforce Integrations

The CRM experts at Oodles ERP work on the Salesforce platform to bring you the finest CRM solutions tailored to your unique business requirements. We help you power up your business processes with custom Salesforce integrations.

Why Choose Salesforce?

Being the world’s #1 CRM platform, Salesforce has so much to offer for your business. Here’s more to it...

Lead Management

Automate the email follow-ups and associate emails directly with the leads.

Account & Contact Management

Keep a track of all your existing contacts, customers, communications and activity history.

Email Templates

Automate your email processes with Salesforce, choose from a number of branded email templates.

Data Management

Get an instant access to your historical sales data to make better decisions with calculated risk.


Get into a real-time view of your team’s forecasts and use in-line editing, multicurrency support to stay ahead of the competition.

Data Virtualization

Proactively access your customer data, find innovative ways to connect with your customers.

Tricky Integrations Ruining your Peace of Mind? Here’s How We Can Help.

Want to have all specific Salesforce CRM features in your existing system? Leverage our expertise in Salesforce integrations to streamline your complex CRM operations at comparatively much lesser costs.

Salesforce Consultancy

Get result-oriented Salesforce consulting and business process mapping services to ensure scalable business growth.

Custom Integration with 3rd Party Software

Integrate your existing system with the most scalable, futuristic and comprehensive suite of Salesforce applications.

API Integration With Salesforce

With custom APIs, we integrate Salesforce in your back office and front office functions for a streamlined workflow.

Salesforce Migration

We help you move your business metadata from a local directory to the Salesforce cloud with Ant Migration tool.

Salesforce CTI

Choose from an exclusive range of CTI integrations to make telephonic calls from within the system.

Mobile/Web Apps Integration with Salesforce

Connect your web and mobile applications with Salesforce via REST APIs.

What Brings Us at the Forefront?

With a 100% successful track record, we have carved a niche in Salesforce integrations and custom development.

Seamless and accelerated development

Accelerate your development process with our custom-tailored development suite and stay up-to-date at all times.

In-time delivery

Experience a hassle free development and in-time delivery with minimal complexities.


Integrate your system with the world’s #1 CRM software at less than half the price.

Vast integration options

Choose from a wide range of integration options and custom features.

Latest tools and technologies

Refine your existing system with state-of-the-art tools and cutting-edge technologies.

24/7 Support

Get all your queries sorted with our 24/7 customer support services.