Middleware Software Development Services

Develop scalable middleware solutions to interconnect multi-tier enterprise systems, web services, or legacy software and achieve higher operational efficiency with faster problem resolution

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We, at Oodles ERP, solve complex integration challenges by securely connecting distributed systems including Cloud, SaaS applications, legacy systems, and multi-vendor enterprise solutions. Our Middleware development services automate diverse enterprise processes including order management, payment processing, product configuration, data handling, and more.

Our Middleware Development and Customization Solutions

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Our Middleware Development and Customization Solutions

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Our Value Offerings

We use open-source frameworks like Apache Camel and MuleSoft ESB to develop scalable middleware solutions that seamlessly interconnect multi-tier software components.

Messaging-oriented Middleware Solutions

Streamline your business communications with a message-oriented middleware (MOM) solution that facilitates asynchronous messaging between a variety of distributed systems and disparate software applications. We use open-source platforms like Apache Kafka and ActiveMQ to develop performance-driven MOM solutions that run smoothly in complex software environments while maintaining a high quality-of-service (QoS).

Transactional Middleware Solutions

Develop a transaction-based middleware solution to seamlessly manage multi-tier transaction processing (TP) applications with diverse runtime functions. Our development team uses advanced distributed computing techniques to build centrally-managed transactional middleware with improved fault tolerance and better scalability.

Database-oriented Middleware

Gain direct access to databases with a variety of gateways and connectivity options by developing a custom database-oriented middleware software. Our middleware software development services give you seamless access to any number of databases without any platform-specific constraints.

AI-based Middleware App Development

We develop intelligent middleware solutions using custom-trained machine learning algorithms to enhance business logic with self-learning capabilities. Our development team is skilled at creating autonomous enterprise systems with advanced AI capabilities to support a wide range of computing devices.

Service-oriented Middleware Solutions

Develop high-quality enterprise solutions based on service-oriented middleware (SOM) architecture to solve heterogeneity issues with enhanced security and improved quality-of-service (QoS). We enable organizations to create smarter business solutions to manage their hardware resources in-line with the dynamically changing business needs.

Middleware Code Optimization

We optimize middleware code to reduce hardware workload and let you handle heavy computing tasks with better flexibility and improved efficiency. Our middleware development services strengthen your enterprise IT infrastructure with optimum code optimization strategies.

Benefits You Get

Accelerated Development

We use agile methodologies and advanced tech stack to accelerate your software development lifecycle and reduce time-to-market. Our middleware application development services let you solve complex business problems faster and more efficiently to save project costs and time.

Platform Extensibility

We interconnect various enterprise systems and software applications to overcome business complexities without any platform-specific constraints. We let you gain better control over your hardware resources to seamlessly manage data processes with better flexibility and agility.

Technology Integration

Our development team builds innovative enterprise solutions with custom technology integrations to strengthen your enterprise IT infrastructure. We use open-source frameworks like Apache Camel and MuleSoft ESB to custom-build middleware solutions that enhance your business productivity with increased flexibility, scalability, and improved operational efficiency.

Improved Portability

Our end-to-end middleware software development solutions render easy portability with improved data processing, replication, and efficient memory allocation/relocation mechanisms. We deliver a hassle-free development experience to ensure you get better control over hardware/software resources with minimal complexities.