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Intelligently drive business growth with improved decision making, accurate planning, forecasting, and data-driven execution strategies
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We provide full-scale BI application design and development services to enhance business productivity through intelligent decision making and data visualization. Our 360-degree BI software development services enable enterprises to capitalize on their customers’ data and formulate future-proof marketing strategies that guarantee sales growth.

Key Features of Our Business Intelligence Solutions

Business inteliigence solutions
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Our Value Offerings

We, at Oodles ERP, provide full-scale BI software development services with a focus on accelerating business growth through effective data mapping, KPI monitoring, performance analysis, data visualization, and forecasting.

Business Intelligence Application Development

We build data-driven BI solutions for enterprises that focus on collecting and analyzing data, channelizing information flow, and providing advanced analytics features. Our end-to-end business intelligence development services are conducive to increasing workforce productivity, maximizing investment benefits, and driving revenue growth.

Data Visualization and Analytics

We use data visualization and exploration tools like BIRT and Apache Superset to present your raw business data into an actionable format. Our data visualization solutions aim at identifying trends, discovering patterns, correlations, and extracting maximum value from your data sources. It lets you create insightful business reports that discreetly present valuable information in a more organized visual format.

BI Data Warehousing and Data Mining

Our developers use data warehouse tools like Apache Hive and AWS Redshift to facilitate accuracy-driven data query and analysis. We use ETL/ELT methodologies and master data management strategies to build powerful data warehousing solutions that organize and standardize data from different sources. Our BI application design and development services incorporate online analytical processing (OLAP) mechanism to analyze aggregated historical data from OLTP systems using multi-dimensional queries.

Business Intelligence Data Migration

At Oodles ERP, we use a systematic approach and tried-and-tested techniques to successfully move your business intelligence data from legacy systems to the proposed software platform. In doing so, we focus on increasing your system performance and efficiency through consistent optimizations and upgrades.

Big Data Analytics

Our comprehensive big data analytics solutions provide a simplified approach to analyzing and processing complex datasets using NoSQL systems. We use open-source tools like Apache Hadoop, Spark, Cassandra in addition to NoSQL databases like MongoDB to process structured/unstructured data and drive operational intelligence.

Compliance Management

We assess your data sources and establish compliance roadmaps to ensure smooth BI operations in adherence to the local data privacy laws. Our team evaluates the best possible way to align your business in compliance with local regulatory laws and data governance policies.

Business Intelligence Consulting

Avail our personalized BI consulting services to successfully drive your business toward streamlined operations and efficient workflows. Our consulting professionals analyze your existing business model and formulate effective strategies to enhance productivity and drive growth across verticals. We perform market research, viability analysis, and SWOT analysis to suggest the most appropriate software solution that addresses your business requirements.

Benefits We Deliver

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Experienced Developers

Our software developers have years of industry experience in building, scaling, and deploying tech-driven business intelligence solutions with custom integrations. We have successfully completed several full-scale software projects for 100+ customers from across the globe.
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Accelerated Development

We use advanced tech stack and agile methodologies to shorten the software development life cycle and accelerate time-to-market. Our team adheres to the industry standards and guidelines to deliver a hasslefree development experience within the stipulated time frame.
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Technology Integration

Our developers build data-driven business intelligence solutions in adherence to industry 4.0 technologies like cloud computing, internet of things, and big data analytics. We use complex AI algorithms and machine learning models with intelligent self-learning capabilities to catapult business growth.
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We let you gain complete control over your software project and keep you up-to-date with the latest progress throughout the project lifecycle. Our team provides real-time updates and seeks your inputs to ensure you get the desired results with minimal lag or delay.