Payroll Software Development and Integration

Maintain accurate financial data and automate payroll processes with advanced data security and compliance

At Oodles ERP, we provide full-scale payroll software development services to automate payroll management processes and centralize employee data in compliance with tax regulations. Our development team is experienced in custom developing your payroll software with features like real-time access, tax management, customizable salary structures, and integration with time tracking software.

Our Payroll Management Software Development Services

Streamline your finance operations and improve payroll processing with real-time analytics

Payroll Automation

We build automated payroll management systems that are more efficient, consistent, accurate, and error-free. Our development team is skilled at building custom-tailored payroll software with third-party integrations. Our development services render payroll automation for effective financial planning and maintaining accurate records.

Operational Expenditure Management

We integrate payroll management software with employee scheduling and tracking software, as well as performance records to centralize data used for calculating wages. Our development services ensure that managers can readily access this data for performance checks and Opex review.

Salary/ Benefits Administration

Our development team builds software systems to manage compensation and benefits for employees in various departments. We develop payroll management systems that encapsulate features to ease the management of basic pay, project allowances, HRA, medical, conveyance allowance, and more. We integrate payroll software with accounting modules to ensure that financial data is well synced across your organization.

Direct Bank Deposits

We build payroll management systems that save employers and employees the hassle of delivering paychecks by automating the process. Our services enable you to access your enterprise payroll data from anywhere, at any time, and process direct salary deposits into employees’ bank accounts.

Tax Management

We provide development services for robust payroll management software that calculates TDS, employee compensation, taxes, and more. Our software systems automatically check tax deposits, due dates, tax rebates, and provide automatic updates on the tax tables.

Reports and Dashboards

Our services include augmenting your payroll management system with advanced MIS reporting tools to assess the financial position and economic state of your organization. We custom-develop interactive dashboards for managers to easily access payroll reports for better allocation of resources.


We develop payroll software with tax compliance tools to ensure that modifications in tax laws are promptly and correctly implemented into employee payrolls. We custom-design your payroll software to schedule reminders for tax returns when filings are due.

Data Security

Our payroll software development services include data encryption, audit trails, and role-based access. This ensures that sensitive employee information is well protected. It also provides quick response to potential threats, if any.

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