Open Source ERP Development

Open Source ERP Development

ERP systems are essential to streamline business processes and to have better control over them. No company can achieve success without knowing exactly which ERP system is best suitable for them. The development and implementation cost of conventional ERP software is very high. On top of that, it comes with some restrictions. In contrast, open source ERP development is cheaper and easier to customize.

Open source ERP is an ERP software whose source code is freely available to use. The open source model enables companies to access the ERP software’s code and customize it using their own IT department.


Key advantages of adopting Open Source ERP development:

1. Cost-effective

No need to pay license fees or software maintenance costs. The total cost of ownership is less for open source ERP as compared to commercial software.


2. Customization

As compared to conventional ERP system, open source ERP offers an excellent platform to make customizations as per business needs. It is easier because you get support from a company’s in-house developers or external open-source community of developers for doing modifications.


The best advantage of using an open-source ERP software is that it
can be easily integrated with any kind of software module or application.


4. Community support
Choosing an open-source ERP software is a good decision because you can ask help from external programming team to solve any problem if the ERP vendor does not solve it. This support takes in less money as compared to the commercial team.


Why Choose Us?

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