How CRM Software Development Helps Reduce Operational Costs

Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | May 11, 2021

CRM Software Development

The COVID-19 pandemic posed several difficulties for enterprises, especially in the travel and hospitality industries. Many enterprises had to undergo massive retrenchments and downsizing in attempts to sustain today’s pandemic-induced business environment and mitigate losses. Although most enterprises do it as a last resort to remain functional during these uncertain times, there are other ways to cut costs and overhead expenses. 

In some cases, layoffs are inevitable and downsizing might be the only option to cope with the losses. However, the least we could do is minimize resource wastage that would significantly reduce overhead costs. That said, CRM software development is a tried-and-tested way to gain complete control over sales operations while also reducing operational expenses. 

Here, we highlight different ways that custom CRM software development enables cross-industry enterprises to save time, money and boost operational efficiency. 


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Ways To Reduce Overhead Costs Through CRM Software Development

Given below are five different ways that CRM software development helps reduce operational costs.


Centrally-managed Software Interface

A fully-integrated CRM software provides a centralized interface to efficiently manage a series of operations related to sales, marketing, and customer services. To make things simple, it seamlessly integrates these diverse business functions into a single software application. Furthermore, it provides a 360-degree view of customer data, thereby helping sales, marketing, and customer support teams to manage things quickly. Since CRM software development enables automation at every level, it also reduces dependence on manual processing. As result, businesses can focus on improving their production capacity while significantly reducing CRM expenses. 


Improved Sales Operations

CRM software development is increasingly beneficial for sales teams as it offers advanced software tools for lead nurturing, lead tracking, automated follow-ups, and more. Besides, it provides ample customer data to optimize sales strategies for effective targeting and better customer acquisition. With a custom-built CRM software in place, sales reps can efficiently manage leads, book appointments, schedule meetings, manage quotes, and set reminders for better chances for conversion. Since it simultaneously manages a series of sales activities, CRM software development saves valuable time, resources, costs, and aids in closing business deals faster. 


Reduced Customer Acquisition Costs

CRM software development significantly reduces customer acquisition costs by accelerating the sales closure cycle. A custom CRM application enables sales reps to work more effectively, with reduced manual complexities. Besides, with data-driven software tools at their disposal, they can save valuable time and costs while pulling customers down the sales funnel. 


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Improved Customer Services 

In addition to improving sales strategies, custom CRM software development services  aids in delivering maximum customer satisfaction. Most importantly, it lets you improve customer services without having to increase your capital expenditures. Sales reps can use advanced business intelligence tools and data analytics features to capitalize on customers’ data and deliver personalized customer services. Furthermore, it increases customer loyalty and enables enterprises to establish long-term customer relationships. 


Better Scalability 

Most enterprises these days prefer SaaS-based CRM software solutions that are increasingly flexible and easy to scale. One of the main benefits of SaaS CRM software development is that it automatically scales as the business grows and expands. Besides, with a flexible pricing model of the cloud, you do not need to incur exorbitant development costs to add new functionalities. 



The COVID-19 pandemic came as a wake-up call for most businesses, outlining the importance of custom ERP application development. While several businesses are still struggling to get over the hump, we have sailed through the most difficult phase of the pandemic. However, the road ahead is going to be full of obstacles and looming repercussions of the pandemic-stricken economies. That said, custom CRM development services will enable companies to future-proof their enterprise systems to successfully sail through operational complexities. 


Although CRM software development could be a major investment for most small-to-medium enterprises, it brings significant cost reductions and time savings. Besides, several open-source software platforms could be used to avail a cost-effective development process. 


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Why Choose Oodles ERP For CRM Software Development?

We are a prominent ERP software development company that specializes in building data-driven CRM software solutions for cross-industry business use cases. Our custom CRM development services enable enterprises to augment their sales and marketing efforts with advanced BI tools, improve customer services and build healthy customer relationships. We use open-source software platforms like Odoo, OFBiz, Opentaps, and ERPNext to develop feature-rich CRM systems for varied business needs. We have successfully completed several full-fledged CRM software development projects for startups and small-to-medium enterprises from across the globe. To learn more about our CRM development services, visit our website or drop us a line at [email protected].

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