Advantages of Integrating Telephony Into CRM Systems

Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | April 1, 2021

Telephone technology remained the backbone of traditional marketing and sales strategies for several decades. The technological revolution in the field of communication brought several transformative changes to customer relationship management, enabling businesses to adopt data-driven strategies to improve customer services. As of today, we have access to advanced features like chatbots, AI assistants, business intelligence, and data analytics. Understandably, the advent of next-gen technologies like artificial intelligence and big data has significantly improved modern-day CRM applications. However, it doesn’t seem to undermine the importance of telephony in CRM software development. 

This blog post highlights the significance of telephony in CRM software development and sales strategies. Here, we’ll also discuss the main benefits of integrating telephony into modern-day CRM systems. 

Telephony In CRM Software Development


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The Importance of Telephony In CRM Software Development

Despite the availability of cutting-edge technologies and state-of-the-art hardware/software infrastructure, telephony services play a critical role in sales and CRM operations. Besides, telemarketing is still one of the most prudent ways for some companies to reach their customers. It is, therefore, critical to use telephony service in addition to your existing sales, marketing, and CRM strategies. 


At its core, a telephony service is a software interface that lets you manage all sorts of inbound/outbound calls. In doing so, it facilitates seamless customer interactions and aids in improving customer services. At the same time, it enables enterprises to track and monitor the calling efficiency of their sales and marketing teams. Integrating telephony into a CRM system lets you efficiently manage your company’s interactions with existing and potential customers. More importantly, it provides you valuable data like customer feedback and other information that you can utilize to improve customer services. 


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Advantages of Telephony-CRM Integration

In the above section, we talked about the importance of telephony in CRM software development. Besides, we have already provided you an outline of how integrating telephony into CRM systems could benefit your business. Let us now delve into some other crucial benefits of implementing telephony in CRM software development services.


Increased Customer Outreach

Sales teams are constantly looking for ways to increase their customer outreach through effective targeting. In addition to having agile marketing tools and tech-driven strategies in place, telephony services play a critical role in reaching out to potential customers. That said, an integrated CRM-telephony system automatically handles inbound/outbound calls and enables sales executives to make faster outbound calls. As a result, they are able to connect with more potential customers in less duration of time. 


Better Personalization

According to Opinium Research, 52% of customers are more satisfied with personalized services tailored to their specific needs. That said, keeping track of their previous call records enables sales teams to deliver personalized customer services based on their individual interests. An integrated telephony-CRM system provides a rich dataset comprising their customers’ likes, preferences, and interests to sales executives during the call. It enables sales reps or customer support executives to provide improved, more personalized experiences over the call. 


Call Recording For Quality Purposes

A majority of organizations record their customer interactions on call for quality and training purposes. It enables them to track and capture important details about their customers. Besides, it helps them evaluate the performance of their sales teams and train them further to address customer queries in the best possible manner. Many companies use sentiment analysis to ascertain their customers’ satisfaction levels. As per the information extracted from call records, businesses can optimize their support services to deliver maximum customer satisfaction.


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Wrapping Up

Developing custom CRM software is increasingly important for businesses to improve their customer services and establish long-term customer relationships. It is, therefore, essential to leverage the cutting-edge tools and technologies available in the market to strengthen your CRM efforts. However, integrating telephony into CRM processes is equally important as it would help sales teams to have engaging, goal-oriented conversations with customers. Besides, it enables managers and supervisors to evaluate the performance of their sales teams by assessing their voice interactions with customers. 


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