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In any organization, its employees are the most valuable resources that need to be managed in the right way and effectively to gain profits. An ERP system can manage all business departments within the single system. It is a suite of integrated many business applications, which enables a business to manage and track relevant data and automate some business process including Human Resources as well. ERP human resource development software can track all employee-related functions such as payroll, planning, administration, development, hiring, training and more.

The tasks of an HR team are tedious and time-consuming but automation can lower the burden of manual work like payroll and more. By integrating HR modules with an ERP software, decision-making can be improved and management work can get easier.

Here are a few benefits you will be getting from an ERP Human Resource Development Software:


  • Automation of all HR processes

A large part of HR work deals with data-entry and reporting tasks. Here, automation can make the work of managing all these a lot easier.


  • Improved visibility in HR

ERP Human resource software can track work-hours of employees, late-comings, overtime hours and double-booked holidays.


  •   Training management

An ERP system is capable of assessing pre and post-training performance of an employee.


  •    Centralized data management

With an ERP software, there is no need to ask different departments

to share data. ERP keeps data in a central location which means data can be shared with other various departments when needed.


  • Payroll management

An ERP HR software streamlines payroll processes and lets you control your business better. It will empower you to process payroll effectively with the touch of a button.


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Oodles Technologies delivers finest ERP software solutions which meet clients needs. We offer customized ERP solutions and provide integration services of other modules in an ERP software. Our ERP human resource development software is all you need to make your HR management more powerful. Our ERP developers are experienced enough to build top-notch ERP software systems to streamline HR processes.