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E-commerce is the finest way of selling products at a relatively low-cost. But do you have an effective e-commerce business integrated with ERP system? Often business owners use e-commerce platforms and ERP systems separately, creating silos of information and thus, missing out on the advantages of an integrated ERP software solution. Imagine receiving your e-commerce data directly from the installed ERP system without any human interpretation. Now, read on to these key benefits you may get with integrated E-commerce ERP solutions

1) Improves Self-Service Functionality

The presence of real-time data available within the E-commerce ERP solutions allows customers to monitor available inventory,  check newly added order status, and track shipments using a tracking number. Altogether, this can cut your cost of operations and enhance the overall customer experience of your e-commerce storefront.

2) Updated Sales Information

All web sales information appear instantly in your ERP system. Also, ERP item inventory gets updated on the basis of these transactions. Hence, by having the most up-to-date web inventory and sales information, ERP users can plan their purchase beforehand and reduces the inventory cost.  

3) Generate Web Transactions-Based Financial Reports In ERP

Generally, e-commerce web and mobile application can generate financial reports on sales. But, using E-commerce ERP solutions  (system), merchants get the ability to generate Balance Sheet, P/L Statement, Trial Balance, Cash Flow, etc. This creates the transparency in financial reports across the entire organization.

4) Better customer service

If you have access to up-to-date information, monitor inventory stocks in real time, their availability in real-time, and order tracking information are being updated instantly in both ERP and E-commerce system, your staff will have relevant information and tools to give excellent customer service. Only the satisfied customers will keep coming back to your websites.

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