Reasons Why Python Is Popular Amongst Developers

Posted By : Satendra Panwar | 06-Sep-2021

Reasons Why Python Is Popular Amongst Developers


We are experiencing the growing demand for Python development services as its popularity has increased considerably over recent years. Python syntax rules make them easier to understand or readable and helps to make applications maintainable. That's the main reason most developers are moving themselves to python. 


Why Is Python So Popular?


1) Compatible with Major Platforms and Systems

We all know that presently many operating systems are supported by Python. Even python can be used for interpreters to run code on particular platforms and tools. Python is also known as an interpreted programming language. Python provides a platform where developers can run the same coding on several platforms without any recompilation. You can also check the output of changes without recompiling and modifying the application code. This feature reduces the time of development and makes it easier to make changes at any time.


2) Supportive Community

The duration of creating python was around 30 years ago, which was a long time period for any community of programming language to build. There are ample tutorials videos and documentation are available to learn for any skill level and can receive the support to grow their knowledge in the Python programming language.


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3) Readable and Maintainable Code

Developing a software application/Web application, developers mainly focus on the quality of its source code for maintenance and updates. 


the concepts of expression without any additional code. As compared to other programming languages, it is readable and allows us to insert English keywords into coding. Decent code and readable base help to build and update the software without adding extra effort.


4) Hundreds of Python Libraries and Frameworks

Having a large supportive community of python and also its large sponsorship organization python provides tons of libraries which you can select to use and save time efforts on the initial stage of development.


Python also provides cloud media services that offer cross-platform support, which is beneficial for any developer. 


List of frameworks and libraries for python language, such as:


  • BeautifulSoup library for HTML parsing and XML code
  • NumPy for scientific computing
  • Django for server-side web development
  • Matplotlib for plotting charts and graphs



5) Robust Standard Library

Python provides a large and robust standard library which makes it the strongest programming language. These libraries allow you to select a wide range of modules as per your requirements. Each module add functionality


To the python application automatically without writing additional lines of code. You can also make a bunch of information about more than one module by browsing the python library documentation.


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6)  Flexibility of Python Language

In terms of development, Python is very flexible and provides the developer a chance to try something new. Also, the straightforward coding process makes it much easier to code. With Python, we can go and make something different than before.


Python never restricts developers from developing any type of application. 


This type of flexible programming language only in one language makes them more interesting and strong.


At Oodles ERP, we provide end-to-end enterprise software solutions using the latest tools, frameworks, and SDKs. Our development team is skilled at using Python-based programming frameworks like Django to build custom enterprise applications for diverse business needs. For more information, contact us at [email protected].






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