Exploring Odoo Python: Benefits and Upgradations

Posted By : Aditi | October 16, 2019

Odoo, an open-source ERP software framework is used by small, medium and large enterprises. Its 14,000 third-party apps/plugins are useful to accelerate business processes. Written in python, Odoo can successfully manage critical business operations to increase productivity, enhance sales, and automate processes. Let’s explore the benefits and upgradations of Odoo Python. 

Accelerating Business Growth with Odoo

Odoo CMS enables businesses to create a website without any technical knowledge. Its ‘edit inline’ and building blocks feature is useful for creating and customizing websites from scratch. It increases online sales and simplifies the organizing process with product pages, integrated inventory management, built-in invoicing and accounting, and clean checkout processes.  Odoo improves sales productivity and revenue with CRM, Point of Sales (PoS), lead automation, product multi-variants, quote builder and mass mailing. 

Using Odoo Python, businesses can view the statistics of important data. Businesses also use a heat map to understand statistical information and track the progress of all projects, invoices, and reports. Odoo provides businesses the opportunity to integrate any external software with Odoo apps in an easy way. 

At Oodles, we provide Odoo development services to streamline and automate business processes. We have a powerful stack of 10,000+ Odoo supported applications to meet specific business requirements.

Odoo Python
Odoo Python


Benefits of Using Python:

Businesses can improve productivity and enhance future growth with Odoo python. They can organize discussions with team members, view data statistics, track projects, and reports.

Odoo Python enables businesses to engage customers through email campaigns. Using Odoo python, organizations can built a client base, track leads, monitor performance, and provide long-term customer support. 

Odoo python is beneficial for employees of an organization. Using Odoo Python, the Human Resource (HR) department can organize employee tasks, handle payroll and manage attendance and paid time off.

With Odoo Python, business executives and project managers can easily monitor tasks and projects. Odoo provides the right modules and tools that businesses require for better accounting, sales analysis, billing, warehouse management, manufacturing, and marketing.

Python Odoo customization enables businesses to increase online sales and deliver a simplified and organized product to break down.

Python Packages Used in Odoo


Psycopg2 is a popular PostgreSQL database adapter for Python programming language. It is specifically designed for complicated multi-threaded programs that require a large number of concurrent updates and insertions.


Dateutil provides a powerful extension to the standard date-time module available in python. Some of its key features include computing relative delta, internal up-to-date world time zone and generic parsing of date in any string format.


Jinja2 is the most utilized template engine for python.  Internally based on Unicode, it supports python packages from python 2.4+ to python 3. One of its important features includes the addition of sandboxed execution and optional automatic escaping application where security is essential.


Simplejson is a fast and extensible JSON encoder and decoder for python language. It includes an optional C extension to boost speed. Simplejson is supported by python 2.5+ and Python 3.3+


Docutils is a modular system to process documentation into useful formats like XML, Latex, and HTML.

Odoo Python: Upgrades and Integration

OpenERP modules are developed around editing python files. Most versions of python are compatible with different Odoo versions. Below is a comparison table for different Odoo python versions. 

Odoo Python
Odoo Python

Avail Benefits of Odoo Python with Oodles

Boost your business and enhance productivity with our Odoo application development services. Our developers build feature-rich ERP systems using Python language. Our Odoo based custom ERP solutions enable businesses to fully automate their business processes. From Odoo implementation to easy customizations and Odoo migration to hosting services, we provide a wide range of Odoo development services to fulfill unique business requirements. 

Reach out to our ERP development team and gain benefits from the features and functionalities of Odoo Python.

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