SaaS-based LMS Solutions For eLearning

Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | December 10, 2020

SaaS-based LMS systems have become increasingly popular amongst students, tutors, and educational institutions that aim to enhance their learning experiences. Unlike many on-premise solutions, these LMS systems are hosted on the Cloud and are easily accessible through a wide range of devices. Besides, they are more flexible, scalable, agile, and interactive as compared to on-premise e-learning solutions. As a result, a large number of schools, universities, and educational institutions are investing in SaaS-based LMS solutions. Even in the corporate world, several enterprises have opted for LMS solutions to accelerate their employee training programs and conduct insightful knowledge sharing sessions.  

At Oodles ERP, we specialize in developing interactive and feature-rich LMS solutions to deliver engaging e-learning experiences across devices. Our team uses open-source tools and platforms to develop custom e-Learning solutions from the ground up with a focus on delivering smart learning experiences. Our cloud-based SaaS development  solutions for e-learning provide effective collaboration between tutors and learners to drive maximum engagement and interactivity. 


Let’s move ahead and explore the significance of cloud-based SaaS solutions for LMS application development. At the same time, we highlight the benefits of SaaS-based LMS systems over on-premise e-learning solutions. 

SaaS-based LMS Solutions For eLearning

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What Is a SaaS-based LMS System?

Cloud or SaaS-based learning management systems are hosted on the cloud and are accessible to the authorized personnel via a dedicated login portal. Unlike the traditional on-premise systems, these are not installed on a company’s hardware and hence, not suitable for offline usage. While the on-premise LMS solutions are only available in one location, their cloud-based counterparts can be accessed anywhere across the globe. All you need is a working internet connection and a compatible device.

Reasons For Develop a SaaS-based LMS System

A SaaS-based LMS system offers several advantages over traditional learning methods and on-premise LMS solutions. Below are the main points of benefits that you get when you opt for a cloud-based SaaS solution for LMS app development. 

Faster Deployment

SaaS LMS solutions are more agile and offer faster deployment as compared to their on-premise counterparts. After deployment, it easy to scale SaaS modules to address the dynamically changing user needs. Since the app is deployed through a secondary cloud environment, developers can easily check the app’s functionality without any crashing issues. In the same manner, they can perform a variety of quality tests and take appropriate measures for bug fixing. It lets you quickly test and deploy a variety of LMS modules via the cloud. 

Centralized Data Storage

SaaS-based LMS solutions incorporate cloud hosting which means the data is stored on secure cloud servers rather than hard drives. It provides a centralized data storage mechanism with unlimited storage space and easy accessibility across devices. Therefore, all your enterprise data and business information remains in one place and is accessible from anywhere across the globe. The online accessibility for an LMS app enables developers to reach wider audiences without any geographical constraints. Besides, they can use end-to-end encryption technology to safeguard their users’ data as well as the online courses offered by tutors. 

Remote Accessibility

As already mentioned, remote accessibility is one of the main benefits of cloud LMS solutions. Since the on-premise e-learning apps are installed on hard drives and computer systems, it is relatively difficult to make them available to a wider audience. SaaS LMS applications, on the other hand, are readily available on the internet and only require nominal user registration. After successfully registering on the platform, you can easily access all the available courses, webinars, and knowledge sessions. It is a quite straightforward approach and drives better engagement from users in all segments. 

Easy Maintenance

Developing an on-premise LMS system can be relatively cheaper but you can’t overlook the maintenance costs that are definitely higher for on-premise systems. Besides, the upgrade procedure for on-premise systems is more complex and time-consuming, which in turn, increases the overall maintenance costs. On the contrary, with SaaS LMS, you can easily upload new courses and manage your existing learning content with ease. At the same time, it’s easy to introduce new features or upgrade the platform to introduce new technologies. 

Flexibility and Scalability

With SaaS LMS, there are no scalability challenges as you get unlimited storage space and easy upgrade procedures. Besides, you get more flexibility and better control over the platform to introduce new features and manage the existing ones. Unlike the on-premise systems, here you also have the ability to downgrade your cloud-based SaaS development services whenever required.


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Closing Remarks

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, cloud-based SaaS solutions offer lower upfront costs and reduced dependency on IT teams. Furthermore, it is easy to scale, upgrade, re-architect, and migrate cloud-based LMS apps as compared to on-premise. For all these reasons, an increasing number of businesses and educational institutions are majorly investing in SaaS-based LMS solutions. 


Why Choose Oodles ERP For SaaS Application Development?

We are a seasoned ERP development company having a proven track record in SaaS application development to address varied business challenges. Our 360-degree SaaS app development services cater to your diverse business needs to solve complex business challenges through scalable enterprise solutions. Our development team carefully analyzes your project requirements and formulates effective strategies to develop scalable and feature-rich SaaS solutions. We have successfully built several full-scale cloud-based SaaS solutions for educational purposes in the form of interactive LMS apps. For more information, contact us at [email protected].

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