Improving Remote Workforce Management Using Odoo ERP

Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | August 3, 2021

Remote working has become the new normal for most organizations in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. It has been more than a year since the whole world is bearing the brunt of the pandemic. Although vaccination drives are making significant progress across the globe, it would be too early to repeal COVID-19 restrictions for many countries. Therefore, non-production enterprises and IT companies must extend their remote working policy, allowing their employees to work from home until we get over the hump. That said, remotely managing an extensive workforce could be a back-breaking task for most companies in the absence of an ERP-based time and labor management software. 

Odoo, an open-source ERP+CRM software suite offers comprehensive workforce management solutions to enhance remote working productivity. The workforce management module in Odoo offers ample features to successfully establish a productive remote working environment. Besides, it lets you develop and implement a fully customizable business module that enables enterprises to centrally manage their employees’ tasks, attendance, working hours, leaves, time-offs, and more. 

This blog post sheds light on the features and benefits of using Odoo ERP solutions for effective remote workforce management. Subsequently, we shall discuss the ideal approach to implement Odoo ERP development services to improve workforce management efficiency. 


Improving Remote Workforce Management Using Odoo ERP

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Core Requirements For Remote Workspace Management

Given below are the six core requirements for establishing a robust remote workspace that yields greater workforce productivity. 


– A software system that automatically tracks employee work hours, login/logout timings, paid time offs, as well as task progress

– An attendance management system that tracks leaves, absences, and compensatory offs

– An integrated payroll module that automatically processes employee remunerations based on the attendance data 

– The ERP solution for task planning, scheduling, shift planning, and employee rostering

– An accounting module for billing, invoicing, and taxation management

– The HRM module to streamline recruitment, e-onboarding, human capital management, and employee performance monitoring

– A CRM module for remotely handling customer services and maintaining customer relationships


In addition to the aforementioned requirements, there needs to be a robust communication architecture to facilitate seamless email followups, voice/video calls, messaging, and employee self-services.  


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Key Features of Odoo For Remote Workforce Management

Let us now delve into the main features and benefits of Odoo ERP development services for remote workforce management


Leave and Attendance Tracking

The HR module from Odoo enables enterprises to track, monitor, and manage employees’ attendance data. It provides a powerful dashboard interface to view the login/logout hours in real-time as well as the attendance details. Managers can view the leave applications raised by various employees and take appropriate action to approve or reject. 


Task Planning and Scheduling

Odoo offers ample features to simplify task planning, scheduling, shift planning, rostering, and similar mission-critical business functions. Besides, it enables managers to proactively monitor the work progress of their subordinates and assign new tasks as and when required. Odoo helps create employee rosters to enhance business productivity and aids in improving shift planning, and workshift optimization.


Performance Monitoring

Odoo ERP development services render complete support for performance monitoring and optimization. It automatically generates weekly/monthly reports for performance evaluation of employees working on different domains. In doing so, it alleviates the appraisal process by facilitating fair hikes in remunerations without any bias.  


Odoo Timesheets

With Odoo, you get a fully customizable timesheet module that enables enterprises to systematically enhance their labor management and workforce productivity. Odoo timesheets could be integrated with several core business modules including sales, finance, accounting CRM/HRM, and project management. Furthermore, it provides centralized access to data from different modules and helps you manage diverse business functions with ease. 


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With the availability of the aforementioned features, any organization can easily set up a productive remote working environment without compromising with the overall workforce productivity. Besides, Odoo renders complete control over the application and a great deal of flexibility to manage workforce operations with ease. It normally comes in two business-specific variants i.e community and enterprise versions. Here, the community version is 100 percent free to implement and offers all the basic functionalities and ample customization options. The enterprise version is more advanced that renders full-fledged support for business process management with several additional features. Despite being the paid version of Odoo, the enterprise edition is relatively cost-effective than its peers. Therefore, Odoo Application Development services are best suited for small-to-medium enterprises that cannot afford to overspend on workforce management software. 


Why Choose Oodles ERP For Odoo ERP Development Services?

We are a 360-degree Odoo application development company having vast experience in custom ERP application development using Odoo. Our team has seasoned ERP professionals who specialize in building custom enterprise applications from the ground up using open-source software platforms like Odoo, OFBiz, and ERPNext. We have a proven track record in building workforce management solutions with high-end features like attendance tracking, task scheduling, performance monitoring, and more. Our end-to-end Odoo ERP development services enable enterprises to streamline their complex business processes and enhance productivity as well as profitability. To learn more about our Odoo application development services, reach out to us at [email protected].

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