Legacy Application Migration To Odoo ERP

Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | May 26, 2021

Legacy Application Migration To Odoo ERP

To sustain today’s cut-throat competition, businesses are always on the lookout for new ways to enhance their existing enterprise systems. That said, improving software performance requires a proactive approach to modernize, upgrade, and re-architect different software modules as and when required. Besides, it is essential to keep close tabs on the latest technology updates and formulate effective software upgrade strategies accordingly. It helps you keep pace with the latest technological advancements and lets you edge ahead of the competitors to corner the market. 

In some cases, it gets difficult to upgrade legacy systems due to various software limitations and underlying technologies that have become obsolete. However, continuing to use such systems may lead to major performance gaps and productivity leaks. Under such circumstances, the only way to improve software performance is to conduct a complete system migration. Migrating legacy systems to a newer, more advanced software platform is an effective way to sail through the operational complexities and achieve higher levels of productivity. Nevertheless, it is critical to choose an effective software platform to seamlessly carry out the migration process. 

Odoo is one such platform that offers promising solutions and a host of benefits to enterprises. That said, legacy application migration to Odoo is an ideal way to get off the ground and future-proof your enterprise software architecture. 


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More About Odoo ERP 

Odoo is a comprehensive business process management suite that offers a variety of tools for industry-specific business use cases. Odoo ERP development services give you access to 35+ dedicated modules for diverse business applications including accounting, CRM/HRM, manufacturing, supply chain, inventory, and warehouse management. Each of these modules is focused on streamlining complex business processes and rendering increased security, transparency, scalability, and interoperability. Software applications built on Odoo scale automatically to administer the growing userbase and address their requirements. Above all, Odoo’s openly available source code aids in accelerating the development process while significantly reducing project costs. 

In addition to custom ERP development, Odoo offers promising solutions for legacy application migration as well. In the below section, let’s delve into the main benefits of legacy application migration to Odoo ERP. 


Benefits of Legacy Application Migration To Odoo ERP

The application migration process lets you move your time-tested legacy applications from their existing tech stack to the latest software platform. That said, legacy application migration to Odoo ERP is a tried-and-tested way to enhance software performance by leveraging the latest technologies. Let’s explore the key benefits that you get through legacy application migration to Odoo. 


Enhanced Data Security

Evidently, legacy systems are more vulnerable to cyber-attacks due to obsolete software configurations and outdated technologies. Odoo, on the other hand, offers top-notch security features such as PBKDF2+SHA512 encryption, 256-bit SSL encryption, RPO/RTO-based backup, and disaster recovery techniques. Besides, it offers the best network defense against malware attacks, SQL injections, and DDoS attacks. 


Effective Cost Management

Migrating to Odoo renders effective financial management and puts you in better control of your operational expenses. You can leverage Odoo’s dedicated financial management, accounting, and invoicing modules and customize them as per your business needs. Above all, moving your legacy application to the cloud significantly reduces infrastructure complexities and maintenance costs. Also, with the flexible pay-as-you-go model, you only have to pay for the features that you are using.  


Better Accessibility

Odoo provides both on-premise and cloud-based ERP solutions to address the industry-specific needs of its customers. Understandably, the cloud-based model is more popular as it offers increased security, accessibility, flexibility, and better operational efficiency. One of the main reasons for availing Odoo-based SaaS application development services is the reduced hardware dependency and easy accessibility. Needless to say, a cloud-based application is accessible across a wide range of devices including desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. With an Odoo SaaS solution, you only need a stable internet connection and a compatible device to access the application anytime and anywhere. 


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Overcoming Compatibility Issues

Many enterprises face compatibility issues while trying to upgrade their legacy applications due to outdated software configurations. Similarly, integrating new technologies becomes even more challenging given the underlying software architecture. Therefore, in such cases application migration seems to be the only option to cope with the apparent limitations and vulnerabilities. During legacy application migration to Odoo, we upgrade the entire tech stack by moving data to the Odoo software platform. As a result, it now becomes fully compatible with a wide variety of enterprise modules, applications, and software technologies. 


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Wrapping Up

Odoo development services are used by 35,000+ customers worldwide, with over 5 million users including startups, SMEs, and several fortune 500 companies as well. For example, the automobile giant, Toyota uses Odoo ERP to streamline material handling processes. To say the least, Odoo ERP caters to the varying needs of enterprises of all sizes. That said legacy application migration to Odoo ERP may unlock a string of benefits for enterprises to future-proof their diverse software modules regardless of their heterogeneity.  


Avai Our 360-degree Odoo Application Development and Integration Services

We, at Oodles ERP, provide end-to-end Odoo ERP development services for diverse industry-specific business use cases. We have successfully established ourselves as a seasoned Odoo development company that specializes in building custom enterprise applications for varying business needs. Our development team renders complete technical support for Odoo ERP integration and legacy application migration to Odoo ERP. To learn more about our Odoo development services, visit our website or write to us at erp[email protected].

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