Employ Workforce Management Software Suite for Managing Remote Employees

Posted By : Vipasha Singh | June 21, 2020

Workforce Management Software

The world has become a smaller place in today’s technologically advanced age, and it’s possible for organizations to recruit and utilize talent from anywhere. All they need is the right set up- Oodles’ workforce management software suite- to create a collaborative, virtual workspace supported by an effective business strategy. Working remotely has gained much popularity in recent times, even as it grew to become more adaptable and flexible over the past few years. Businesses of all sizes look for Workforce management  systems that are reliable, scalable, and cost-effective. With features like time tracking, task scheduling, and real-time analytics & reporting, Oodles offers you first-rate workforce management  software development services for remote management. Let’s discuss the advantages and features of employing a WFM software suite for managing remote employees.


Remote Workforce Management – Challenges and Gains

Managing a remote workforce can pose several challenges.

One of them is collaboration through effective communication within teams and between different teams. It’s important for everyone to be on the same page in order to complete projects within a specified timeframe.

Another difficulty is task scheduling and shift planning when employees are working from different timezones or require different shifts while working together on a project.

Tracking productivity and work quality within shift can be a hurdle for managers while evaluating employee performance.

At the same time, establishing trust and accountability among team members without micro-managing them at times proves to be a daunting task.

Also, in the case of conflicts, it may be difficult for managers to come to a resolution without face-to-face communication.

All of the above challenges can be effectively dealt with using a suitable workforce management software. The right WFM software suite comprises time management, collaboration & communication, project management, and shift management tools to gauge progress. It provides time and attendance tracking, evaluation of productivity and performance, and reports return on investment. It is, inarguably, the best way to tap resources and talent located remotely.


Workforce Management Software


Having proved that a WFM software is well suited to the task of overseeing remote workforce, let’s quickly go through the features of a typical workforce management system.


Time tracking

Real-time monitoring capabilities of employee time tracking software make WFM software suite ideal for remote workforce management. Accurate clocking of work hours through timesheets linked to employee dashboard gives managers an umbrella view of productivity, deadlines, and work schedules.

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Task Scheduling

WFM software suites often come with shift planning applications that ensure to undertake planning tasks aligned with revenue targets and work schedules. They also comprise options to create, share, and edit schedules in real-time and get an in-depth business overview.


Payroll Integration

Often WFM software consists of integrated timesheet and payroll data. This means that employee payroll is linked to time and attendance tracking software for accurate and efficient payroll management. This reduces the probability of discrepancies in pay calculation and allows enterprises to ensure timely release of payroll for remote employees



A user-friendly, interactive user interface is central to workforce management. Hierarchical Access to reports, pay rates, skill sets, schedules, leaves, project deployment, current tasks, and more on employees through a single interface makes resource management effortless. It keeps assigning tasks and monitoring employee performance a click away.




Let’s now go through some benefits of remote WFM software.


Enhanced Productivity

With its flexibility and adaptability, remote WFM creates an employee-friendly atmosphere for commitment to work. This, in turn, exponentially increases their productivity as they can securely report to work from the comfort of their homes as long as an internet connection is available.


Cost saving

Employing a remote WFM also saves businesses a decent amount of liquidity by nullifying office space rent costs along with other infrastructural costs. It also saves employee device costs as it allows employers to simply share set up software with their employees.



As Workforce Managment software comprises a time tracker, it enables managers to view project deployments, current tasks, scheduled tasks, and completed tasks of the employee along with the time taken for the same. This provides transparency to an otherwise remote system and increases employee accountability too.


Lower Attrition rate

Employee retention for skilled resources can be taxing both on the HR and the management. However, with the flexible timings, and virtual workspace, WFM software suites provide employers lower attrition rates


Conclusively, a remote WFM software suite enables organizations to provide a healthy virtual workplace, enabling smooth communication, monitoring, and productivity.


Simplify Remote Workforce Management with Oodles

We are an ERP development company with the objective of transforming businesses with new-age technology. We provide software tools and development services to enterprises for augmenting their management systems with AI and ML-powered technology resources. Our ER software solutions comprise SaaS for WFM, SCM, HRM, finance, accounting, and eCommerce. Our panel of experienced developers use an extensive technology stack to furnish our clients with smooth running, scalable systems. Get in touch with us to emloy a workforce management software system for managing remote employees.

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