ERPNext Software Development For Human Resource Management

Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | November 25, 2021

Human resource management is a crucial business function for any enterprise as it directly impacts workforce performance and productivity. Besides, an enterprise must take good care of its resources and provide favorable work conditions to bring out maximum productivity. It is, therefore, essential to implement HRMS software to efficiently manage routine HRM operations and automate repetitive tasks. Nevertheless, many small-scale businesses refrain from investing in ERP systems for human resource management, mainly due to financial constraints. 

ERPNext is an open-source platform that lets you build custom software applications for mission-critical business functions including CRM, HRM, inventory/warehouse, manufacturing, workforce management, and supply chain management. Also, developers can use the ERPNext source code to build custom enterprise solutions from scratch to address varying business needs. 

ERPNext Software Development For Human Resource Management

Here, we shall explore the significance of ERPNext software development for HRMS. At the same time, we highlight the key features of the ERPNext HRMS module as well as the benefits it delivers to enterprises. 


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ERPNext Software Development For HRMS

ERPNext offers a fully customizable module for HRMS with all requisite features including recruitment, onboarding, applicant tracking, attendance management, payroll management, and more. One of the main benefits of using ERPNext for HRM software development is the open-source nature of the platform. 

As such, developers can use the ERPNext source code for HRMS and customize it as per the project requirements. In doing so, you only need to bear the development cost without paying the additional software license fee. As a result, it significantly reduces the overall project cost and accelerates the software development life cycle (SDLC). In the following section, we shall explore the key features and benefits of ERPNext software development for HRMS. 


Recruitment and Onboarding

The HRM module by ERPNext greatly simplifies the recruitment process by eliminating operational complexities and automating repetitive tasks. It provides a built-in recruitment tool for the HR team to extrapolate manpower requirements, formulate recruitment strategies, review applications and schedule interviews. At the same time, it helps them effortlessly post job openings on all relevant job portals, fetches responses, and filter out eligible candidates. In addition to providing a frictionless interview process with multiple rounds of assessment, it facilitates seamless onboarding with additional support for employee training programs. 


Employee Data Management

Managing workforce data is increasingly important from the standpoint of human resource management. The HR team must keep a tamper-proof record of its employees, their qualification details, and prior work experience. They must also have up-to-date information about an employee’s billable hours, project allocation details, work shift summary, and other parameters. ERPNext software development for human resource management provides HR teams with the ease and flexibility to manage their employee data. It helps them maintain digital records of their employees’ data with all relevant information which they can instantly retrieve when required. 


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Time/Attendance Tracking

Time and attendance management is a crucial part of the HRM strategy that must be handled with sheer veracity. Implementing the ERPNext HRM module enables enterprises to track their employees’ work hours, punch-in/punch-out timing, biometric data, billable hours, and more. The attendance module aids in managing leave applications, work-from-home requests, paid time offs, compensatory offs, and the likes. The HRM module by ERPNext automatically feeds the time and attendance data to the payroll software for effective payroll processing. Moreover, it provides insightful timesheets to analyze employees’ productivity and aids in performance evaluation. 


Payroll Processing

The ERPNext HRMS module uses timesheet data including attendance record, billable/non-billable hours of employees to automatically process wages and salaries. Besides, it automatically generates salary slips, shares them with the respective employees, and also updates the accounts data. The payroll software is directly integrated with the accounting module to avoid any possible discrepancies in day-to-day financial management processes. 


Performance Evaluation and KPI Management

Fair performance evaluation is critical to conducting a successful appraisal process that is also acceptable to your employees. ERPNext software development for HRMS lets you track your employees’ performance in accordance with the most crucial KPIs. The built-in appraisal module in the ERPNext HRMS system enables HR teams to analyze their employees’ performance and process salary hikes with minimal bias. 


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ERPNext is definitely one of the most sought-after software platforms for open-source ERP application development. Human resource management is one of the many business applications where ERPNext comes to your rescue. Many enterprises use ERPNext as an alternative to Odoo as it is more agile, cost-effective, and ideal for building lightweight business applications. Taking into account the technical specifications, Odoo is slightly more superior to ERPNext in terms of features and compatibility. However, ERPNext is best suited for building lightweight software applications that require less time to develop and are relatively cost-effective. 


Why Choose Oodles For ERPNext Software Development?

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