ERPNext Software Development For The Manufacturing Industry

Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | September 7, 2021

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) caters to the industry-specific needs of various businesses, enabling them to gain better control over their operations and routine tasks. The manufacturing industry is one of the early adopters of ERP development services to enhance productivity and operational efficiency. Moreover, the advent of the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) brought several technological reforms to accelerate manufacturing processes and enhance production efficiency. However, despite the many benefits, several small-scale manufacturing companies are yet to embrace ERP, mainly due to financial constraints. 

ERPNext is an open-source software platform that provides comprehensive ERP solutions to address diverse enterprise needs and industry-specific business use cases. Unlike market leaders like SAP, Oracle, and Salesforce, ERPNext is cost-effective as it significantly reduces the overall project costs. Therefore, it is an ideal platform for small-scale manufacturers who can not afford to overspend on their ERP requirements. 

ERPNext software development for manufacturing

Here, we shall explore the significance of ERPNext software development for manufacturing businesses. Furthermore, the blog post highlights the key benefits of ERP software solutions for small-scale manufacturers and production-based companies. 


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What Is ERPNext?

ERPNext is a comprehensive suite of business process management tools that enable organizations to build custom software applications for their industry-specific business needs. It is an open-source software platform that offers a variety of modules to support diverse business functions including CRM, HRM, payroll, accounting, inventory/warehouse, and supply chain management. ERPNext also has a dedicated module for manufacturing that is best suited for small and medium-sized manufacturers. The manufacturing module from ERPNext gives you complete control over the production cycle with features such as subcontracting, bill of materials (BOM), shop floor management, and material resource planning. In the following section, we shall discuss these features in more detail.


ERPNext For Manufacturing: Features and Benefits At a Glance

Below are the key features of ERPNext and the benefits of ERPNext software development for manufacturing businesses. 


Inventory Management

The manufacturing module from ERPNext significantly improves inventory management by introducing a serialized method for tracking inventory movements. Warehouse workers can use serial numbers to uniquely identify different stock units and track their precise location at any given time. As the new stock arrives, ERPNext automatically generates unique serial numbers, keeping the warehouse well-organized at all times. The ERPNext enterprise edition also provides the barcode feature to render streamlined inventory processing.


Material Resource Planning

ERPNext software development for manufacturing businesses strengthens and streamlines every aspect of material resource planning (MRP). With a serialized inventory system in place, it enables warehouse managers to effectively deal with work orders and material requests. At the same time, it plays a critical role in reducing resource wastage through efficient material resource planning. 


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Capacity Planning

Capacity planning is yet another crucial aspect of a manufacturing business that must be handled with sheer efficacy. The manufacturing module aids in creating a sound capacity plan, enabling enterprises to optimize their workstations as per resource availability. Furthermore, it helps maintain effective planning schedules while eliminating potential bottlenecks to render hassle-free operations in the manufacturing industry. 



Subcontracting is a valuable feature for manufacturers that is particularly beneficial for small-scale companies that outsource multiple suppliers and vendors. The subcontracting feature in ERPNext makes it easy to track the whereabouts of your suppliers and monitor their routine operations that concern your business. As a result, it accelerates the supply of raw materials and keeps close tabs on their activities. ERPNext also provides features like auto-replenishment of stock to prevent stock outages and also curbs overstocking instances. 


Easy Customizations

One of the benefits of ERPNext software development for manufacturing is that it puts you in control of the application and its features. The platform is fully customizable as per diverse business needs and enables developers to add or remove features at any given time. Above all, the application built using ERPNext automatically scales in accordance with the userbase growth and dynamically changing business requirements. 


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The Bottom Line

As a manufacturing company grows, its operations become more complex and convoluted, not to mention the rising overhead costs. ERPNext software development ensures that you are always in control of your resources while streamlining operations across all production units. The ERPNext software solutions automatically scale to address the changing business needs to enhance business productivity. At the same time, it significantly reduces overhead costs by enabling automation at different levels of the production cycle. 


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