Strengthening HR Management Using Chatbots and Conversational UI

Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | June 30, 2021

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HR teams are responsible for creating a healthy work environment that encourages employees to perform better and stay focused on the tasks at hand. The role of human resource management in an organization is critical to drive business growth by bringing out maximum workforce productivity. However, the HR reps are usually burdened with other less significant tasks like conducting surveys, collecting feedback, redressing grievances, and the likes. 

In this context, chatbots and conversational UIs could play a critical role in enhancing workforce productivity through meaningful employee engagement. Several organizations use chatbots to ensure fewer overheads for their HR managers, enabling them to focus on their core operations. Furthermore, it aids in improving workforce productivity by facilitating effective employee engagement strategies. Juniper Research forecasts that chatbots could save up to $8 billion annually worldwide by 2022. 

In this post, we shall discover how AI-powered bots can streamline and personalize the human resource process. Furthermore, we shall explore their significance for HR software development services


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The Importance of Chatbots In Human Resource Management

Easy to deploy robotic technologies and chatbots can automate manual, repetitive, and rule-based tasks. By using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, HR chatbots can gather, analyze, and record information while interacting with users just like humans. Moreover, the use of chatbots would encourage HR teams to stay on top of their assigned targets to achieve them well within the specified timeline. Let us move ahead and delve into the main benefits of chatbots and conversational UI in HR software development. 


Automating Routine HR Tasks

The use of chatbots in human resource management could save you a lot of time by automating routine HR processes. For instance, the HR teams could use conversational UIs to automate recruitment activities like screening candidates, scheduling interviews, and more. Besides, it accelerates the recruitment process and helps you shortlist the eligible candidates for the given job opening. 

Employee onboarding and orientation is another area where chatbots can be beneficial. As new employees account for a huge number of queries, HR teams can use chatbots to handle most of these queries. Besides, it lets you automate routine HR tasks like attendance tracking, goal tracking, performance review, employee surveys, and tracking leave balances. 


Enhanced Accessibility To Employees

Chatbots enable HR executives to become more accessible to the employees and provide instant, accurate responses to common queries. We can design chatbots to answer frequently asked questions while enabling the HR team to personally handle more complex queries. It is specifically useful during phases of change management when businesses roll out major changes in the organizational strategy. 

Technologies like natural language processing and sentiment analysis enable chatbots to detect anger, frustration, exhaustion, de-motivation, and related issues. Based on these observations, chatbots will notify the HR professionals whether there is a need to improve the engagement strategies. They can also proactively recommend vacation time, clubs and activities, or other resources available within or outside the organization. By recommending and tracking an employee’s daily exercise routines, chatbots may optimally enable them to remain physically fit and healthy.

An investment in the career growth of an employee is perhaps the highest ROI effort for HR teams and business organizations. A chatbot may provide mentorship and professional guidance to each employee of an organization. They can develop customized learning and development plans for each employee. It may include both soft and hard skills that are required to achieve professional success.


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Easy Recruitment

Job interviews may become stressful for candidates for so many reasons. With various facial or body gestures, candidates may feel uncomfortable during the face-to-face interview. Such reactions can confuse even the most confident of candidates and ruin their chances of selection by the company.

Chatbots are just a friendly and helpful interface that can ask questions and don’t pose judgment. Candidates can be interviewed at home and the employers can review their answers based on relevancy to the job position. Without getting face-to-face, HR reps can simply observe and decide who they are going to shortlist for further rounds..


Leave Management

Managing and processing employee leave requests through a spreadsheet for hundreds of employees is a challenging task. By using an HR bot, employees can raise leave requests instantly, irrespective of their current geographical location. Moreover, HR managers can benefit from real-time updates and manage leave requests at their convenience.


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The Road Ahead

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are technologies designed to enable humans to become more productive. Chatbots can lift the burden of routine processes involved in the human resource domain so that you can use them on strategic tasks.

Although HR bots can manage leave requests, onboarding processes, and more., they have their own limitations. Chatbots can’t execute a few tasks that require human intervention. Developing and implementing HR bots as part of the HR software development process can significantly improve operational strategies, lessen bureaucracy, and grant employees more independence. 



Workforce demographics are getting more distributed and accustomed to mobile communication. As such, enterprises can embrace AI chatbots to streamline their HR processes. There are several ways in which enterprises can use HR bots to drive increases in labor efficiency and deliver better employee experiences. By simply integrating chatbots with HR systems, enterprises can make their processes streamlined and more efficient. It is, therefore, advisable to implement chatbots and conversational UI during the HR software development process.  


At Oodles ERP, we provide end-to-end HR software development services using open-source software technologies. Our development team specializes in using popular software platforms like Odoo, OFBiz, Opentaps, and ERPNext to build enterprise-grade HRM solutions with custom features. Our open-source HR management software services enable enterprises to streamline their human resource activities and enhance workforce productivity. We also have our expertise in custom chatbot development services with a proven track record in developing and integrating AI-powered chatbots with diverse business modules. To learn more about our HR software development services, drop us a line at [email protected].

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