Custom ERP Software Development For Inventory Management

Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | October 19, 2020

Custom ERP Software Development For Inventory Management

Custom ERP software development has become an inevitable need for enterprises to solve complex business problems and keep pace with the ever-evolving technology landscape. In today’s cut-throat competition, speed and efficiency are of paramount importance as they directly impact customer experiences. Therefore, every small-to-medium enterprise needs a reliable software solution to handle its inbound/outbound processes with ease, agility, and better flexibility. 


The end goal is to fulfill customers’ expectations and deliver maximum customer satisfaction through improved products and services. Therefore, custom ERP application development is one of the best ways to address the diverse needs of an enterprise. It further plays a vital role in streamlining inventory management, logistics, HRM, CRM, and other critical supply chain processes. 


We, at Oodles ERP, specialize in building performance-driven custom ERP applications from the ground up to address varied enterprise needs. We have successfully established ourselves as a seasoned ERP development company that provides full-scale custom ERP software development services to clients. Our development team has considerable experience in ERP software development for inventory/warehouse management, workforce management, accounting/finance, logistics, and supply chain management.


In this blog post, we highlight the key benefits of custom ERP application development to strengthen inventory management and warehouse management processes. 


The Significance of Custom ERP Software Development

A majority of enterprises refrain from investing in custom ERP application development due to either of the following two reasons:


– They believe that custom ERP solutions are expensive and time-consuming

– They are skeptical about the future prospects of a custom ERP solution and believe that they may not get the desired results


As a result, many enterprises end up opting for off-the-shelf ERP systems while others prefer basic software integrations over creating a custom solution from scratch. Surprisingly, custom ERP solutions can be cost-effective if chosen wisely, not to mention the increased flexibility and better control that they deliver to enterprises. As a matter of fact, developing a custom ERP software from scratch can be cheaper than a vendor-based ERP solution. However, the development cost and time may increase significantly if new features are to be added. 


Understandably, custom ERP application development is a more effective way to overcome enterprise challenges as it focuses on solving the problems it faces in particular. Let’s move further and discuss the benefits of custom ERP software development for inventory management. 

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Strengthening Inventory Management Using Custom ERP

Developing a custom ERP software is an effective way to streamline and automate inventory management processes with increased flexibility and improved operational efficiency. Below are the main benefits of custom ERP software development for inventory management solutions


Inventory Tracking and Optimization

Custom ERP development enables enterprises to accurately track their inventory movements and monitor stock levels through a centrally-managed software interface. As a result, it further translates into increased production efficiency and accelerates logistics operations. Besides, an inventory management services facilitates seamless communications with delivery partners and warehouse managers to curb unwanted delays. It synchronizes stock level, order details, and shipping information into a centralized system to provide seamless accessibility across the entire supply chain. Other features include stock management, order fulfillment, auto-replenishment, stock transfers, reports, and analytics. 


Improved Data Handling Processes

In today’s rapidly evolving technology landscape, data holds immense value and is imperative to achieve business success. All types of small-to-medium enterprises produce massive chunks of data every day. However, not all of them make optimum use of their data sources, resulting in poor data handling practices. 


Custom ERP application development enables enterprises to organize their business data for easy accessibility and availability with cloud integration. It aids in extracting valuable customer information for analyzing their likes, preferences, and buying habits. This data can be used to optimize marketing campaigns and deliver improved customer experiences across devices. Above all, it enables enterprises to safeguard their sensitive business data, making it less susceptible to breaches and cyber-attacks. 


Improved Logistics and Supply Chain Visibility

A custom ERP software lets you gain better visibility into supply chain processes and aids sales planning/forecasting, and intelligent decision making. It eliminates shipping delays and facilitates faster order fulfillment to deliver maximum customer satisfaction. In addition, a custom ERP application improves logistics management by providing real-time insights into transportation and fleet management processes. Other features include automated order fulfillment, fleet tracking, workforce tracking, and shipment tracking. 

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Why Choose Oodles ERP For Custom ERP Application Development?

We, at Oodles ERP, pride ourselves as a 360-degree ERP development company having vast experience in custom ERP software development. Our development team has years of industry experience in developing custom ERP solutions to address diverse business needs and requirements. We have successfully completed full-scale ERP projects for 100+ clients from across the globe. We use agile methodologies and open-source platforms to provide a hassle-free development experience with reduced costs and faster time-to-market. For project-related queries, drop us a line at [email protected].

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