AI-based CRM Solutions For Enterprises

Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | January 21, 2021

Customer relationship management plays a critical role in improving customer services, augmenting sales efforts, and building long-term customer relationships. CRM application development has become an inevitable need for both B2B/B2C enterprises to strengthen their customer service efforts and enhance customer experiences. However, it is equally important to keep pace with the rapidly evolving technology ecosystem to sustain the cut-throat market competition. Therefore, it is essential to upgrade your enterprise systems from time to time and CRM applications are no exception. 


The modern-day CRM systems are equipped with advanced AI tools and business intelligence features that help you gain valuable insights into customer data. Analyzing this data helps understand your customers’ likes/dislikes, buying patterns, and thus, plays a critical role in improving customer services and optimizing marketing campaigns. 


AI-based CRM Solutions For Enterprises

At Oodles ERP, we provide end-to-end CRM application development services with custom AI features and cloud integrations. We help you extract maximum benefits from your customer data by developing AI-enabled CRM software systems with advanced analytics features. Our development team has years of industry experience in custom CRM software development services for cross-industry business use cases.  

This blog post sheds light on the significance of artificial intelligence for CRM application development. At the same time, you’ll discover how enterprises can benefit from AI-enabled CRM software systems to manage their customer relationships. 


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Artificial Intelligence and CRM

An AI-CRM software unlocks a string of benefits for enterprises as it renders the best support for data processing/analysis. Furthermore, it lets you accurately predict your customer behavior and requirements for intelligent decision making. Let’s take a closer look at the main features of AI-powered CRM systems. 


Automated Data Capturing

AI-enabled CRM software incorporates intelligent CRM tools that automatically fetch data from different sources like websites, social media, and messaging apps. Companies can use this data to improve their marketing campaigns and deliver personalized user experiences to their customers. Automated data capturing also paves the way for customer segmentation and facilitates effective customer targeting based on various parameters like gender, age group, geographical location. 


Big Data Analytics

Businesses operating in all major industries produce huge volumes of data every day. According to experts, this data holds immense significance and it can provide valuable information about customers. However, most of this data is unstructured and thus, hard to process and analyze. Besides, the sheer volume of data makes it difficult to dissect in the absence of an AI-powered software system. Big data is a term that describes these large datasets and big data analytics tools enable organizations to process and analyze this data. 


Lead Management

Using AI-based CRM systems significantly improves sales activities by enabling organizations to efficiently manage their inbound/outbound leads. Besides, they get access to advanced features such as automated lead tracking, lead nurturing, lead scoring, online acquisition, and GeoIP. Intelligent CRM systems also let you run automated lead campaigns to pitch customers in accordance with their lead segments. 


Predictive Analytics

The availability of predictive analytics tools in AI-CRM systems enable enterprises to predict their customers’ response to a particular product or service. As a result, these tools facilitate intelligent decision making and aids in optimizing marketing campaigns. As a matter of fact, a majority of enterprises use predictive analytics tools to fine-tune their marketing strategies with improved customer targeting. At the same time, predictive analytics plays a vital role in delivering personalized customer experiences across different channels. 


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The Bottom Line

The implications of artificial intelligence in customer relationship management are game-changing. The advent of AI in CRM application development is poised to change the way most businesses handle their sales, marketing, and customer service operations. Despite the benefits, only 12 percent of organizations are using AI tools to manage their CRM operations. Therefore, AI-CRM application development will help you edge ahead of your competitors and gain a foothold in the market. It is, therefore, high-time that you should consider investing in AI-powered CRM software development solutions to boost sales and deliver maximum customer satisfaction. 


Why Choose Oodles ERP For CRM Application Development?

We are an  ERP development company that specializes in building AI-enabled CRM software solutions to address varied business requirements. Our enterprise-grade CRM software development services enable cross-industry businesses to improve their customer services, boost sales, and build healthy customer relationships. We use open-source software platforms like Odoo, OFBiz, Dolibarr, ERPNext, and Opentaps to accelerate the software development lifecycle and significantly reduce the overall project costs. Our development team is proficient at implementing complex AI and machine learning algorithms to enhance customer relationship management processes. We have successfully completed several full-scale CRM projects for startups and small-to-medium enterprises from across the globe. For project-related queries, drop us a line at [email protected].

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