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Basically, the work of ERP order management solutions is to manage order entry and status, credit limit checking, tracking, delivery dates and more. An ERP order management solutions obtain orders on the front-end and complete those orders on the back-end.

On the front end, the ERP software solution captures customer data such as customer numbers, product part numbers and due dates for routing and indexing when the orders arrive, it doesn’t matter whether the orders are sent by fax, phone call, email, or whether they are paper-based or electronic. Further, this captured data is then transferred to an order management application. In the back office process, the manufacturing order management ensures the fulfillment of orders — and at the lowest cost.

Key ERP order management functions include:

  • Automated order entry, tracking, and viewing
  • The availability of order status and transaction data in real-time
  • Verifying orders and credit limit checking
  • Verification of duplicate orders
  • Information on all customer order management operations/processes
  • Accurate reports on process time and volume, exceptions, queued orders

The key advantage of an ERP manufacturing order management system is quicker order fulfillment and more efficient sales information. And thus, can help improving data entry accuracy, smoothen cash flow, decrease order errors and fulfillment days, indeed, improving overall customer satisfaction.

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