Automate the critical processes and day-to-day operations of your business or enterprise. We build highly-scalable enterprise-wide ERP software systems with vast integration options.

How OpenTaps Can Help you Grow Your Business?

Manage all your back office and front office functions with ease and get a seamless workflow with OpenTaps.

Sales and Business Intelligence

Manage orders more efficiently with instant lead-tracking and automated email follow-ups.


Get a robust analytics support which helps you understand the preferences of your customers.

Inventory Management

Get better Inventory thresholds and speed up the inventory transfers between different warehouses and distribution facilities.

Bills-of-Materials (BOM)

Streamline the manufacturing processes with bills of materials (BOM), production runs, and marketing packages.

Financials & Reporting

Stay up-to-date with the suppliers, vendors, and customers through real-time accounting reports.

Our Offerings in OpenTaps ERP

Get cross-industry web and mobile ERP solutions with a pool of customizations and integrations forOpenTaps.

Setup & implementation
It’s never been easier to implement OpenTaps in all departments of your organizations with expert solutions from Oodles ERP.
Easy customizations
Add new features and functionalities to your ERP modules and enhance their capabilities.
Software installation
From installing OpenTaps’ software applications across various channels of your company to monitory how your systems are performing, we take care of all.
Mobile app development
We bring mobility to your ERP applications by developing mobile apps to seamlessly run you business operations at your fingertips.
OpenTaps migration
Our ERP experts help you move your requisite sales and business data from your existing system to the OpenTaps applications.

What Brings Oodles ERP at the Forefront?

With an in-house team of ERP experts and developers, we power stand-out ERP experiences tailored to the needs of your business.

No need to spend a fortune on developing a custom ERP platform with power-packed features. Get the ball rolling at less than half the price.
In-time delivery
Get a guaranteed in-time delivery for your ERP project within the stipulated time frame.
Custom features
Power up your ERP platform with a wide range of custom features from OpenTaps.
24/7 Support
With our 24/7 expert support services, we make sure that all your development related queries are taken care of.
Expert consulting
We help devise an ideal ERP model for you to run your business operations seamlessly without any complications.