A brief knowledge of Hrms module present on erp module

Posted By : Satyam Singh | 29-Jun-2020

erp for HRMS


HR Management software is more complex and involved today than it has ever been. There's so much that goes into the management of employee information, which is used for everything from recruiting and hiring to training, evaluations and so much more. This is why many companies are using HRMS(Human Resource Management System) to manage all the processes that happen from recruitment to resignation. An HRMS can be used for employee recruitment, payroll management, leave approval, succession planning, etc.


Following are the main features present on the HR module.


Create new employee 

HRM users can easily create a new employee profile for staff who has joined recently in the company. The creation of the employee profile includes their basic details, contact information, experience information, qualification background. This is the starting and basic process that happens in the HRM module. It is important to keep this information up-to-date as it affects benefits coverage as well.



After the creation of employee profiles in the HRM module, the next module will add employees to their respective departments. There are various departments present in te company like IT, marketing, sales, etc. Based on the selection, employees undergo their respective departments.



The designation is the third important module present in the HR module. Here users can add their employee's current designation based on the hiring protocol. These designations can be changed later on based on employee's interests.



Payroll is also integrated into the HR module. This will be useful for users to find or add the hourly or annual salary of the employee so that employees can be paid correctly.


Employee's benefit

This is the most important part present on the HR module. The ‘benefits’ information is used to track the benefits that the employee has elected for the current year and already had previously. This information is also fed to third-party vendors such as insurance and benefits providers.



Sometimes training classes are also the part of HR module. It is important for the employees to take classes to further develop their skills and also allow them to learn new skills.

Leave management

This is also an important feature present in the HR module. Here users can create employees’ leaves as well as can track the leave taken by the employees. There are many types of leaves present there and based on the type user can select the leave and apply for it. 


HRMS combines systems and processes within an enterprise for the efficient management of human capital in sync with workflows, operations, and employee data. 

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