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Achieving Organizational Growth with Better People Management Systems

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Human Resource Management (HRM)

We develop HRM systems that automate core HR operations like employee recruitment and onboarding activities. Our experts are proficient at developing customized solutions using open source platforms like Odoo, Sentrifugo, Ofbiz, and Opentaps

Our HRM Development Services

We provide solution integration and development services to develop Recruitment Systems, Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), and Employee Management Systems

Oodles HRM Development Services

Recruitment Solution

We develop recruitment software that integrates with common recruitment channels, including applicant databases and other internal systems. They provide advanced analytics that includes essential HRM KPIs using Helical and Frepple. Our HRM solutions serve as reporting tools for gaining greater visibility to improve HR processes and employee experience

  • Custom ATS Software Solutions
  • Recruitment Software Development
  • ATS With CRM Development

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Solutions

Our custom development services for ATS (Applicant Tracking System) software eases candidate sourcing and recruitment workflow

  • Job Requisition Solutions
  • Social Media Job Application Solutions
  • Commission Calculation Solutions

Employee Onboarding Solution

We develop customized employee onboarding solutions to make the employee onboarding process efficient and assist new recruits during the onboarding process

  • Employee Onboarding software
  • Mobile solution for employee onboarding
  • Custom HR Onboarding Software

Human Capital Management

We provide development services for Human Capital Management to ease core HR, talent management, and workforce management processes. They include employee shift planning, roster maintenance, and forecasting workforce utilization

  • Workforce Management software
  • Talent Management software
  • Compensation Management software

Attendance Management Solution

We develop attendance management solutions that integrate with third-party biometric software to avail real-time attendance updates

  • Custom Time and Attendance Software
  • Employee Attendance Tracking Software
  • GPS Time Clock Software Services

Performance Management Solution

Oodles develops performance management solutions and integrates them with other HRM systems to provide automatic features. In addition, we can migrate the existing system to another and customize it to suit business requirements

  • Performance Management Software
  • Employee Recognition Software Services
  • Performance Management Analytics

Payroll Software Solution

We develop and integrate custom payroll software solutions with software like Accumatica to ensure swift and accurate salary payments

  • Payroll Software Developer Services
  • Payroll software Integration
  • Custom Payroll Automation Software

Custom HRIS and HRMS Software Solutions

We develop HRIS and HRMS services and equip them with advanced functionalities to meet specific business requirements

  • HRMS Identity Access Management
  • HRIS Software Integration
  • HRMS Software Development

HRIS and HRMS Integration Services

We integrate disparate software systems for HR and HCM functions with Payroll Management, Applicant Tracking Systems, Performance Management Systems, Time Tracking, and Employee Scheduling

  • Integration with Biometric systems
  • Integration with Payroll
  • systems Integration with Time & Labor

HRIS and HRMS Mobile Solutions

We’ve developed unique mobile-first solutions for organizations by providing HRIS and HRMS services for iPhone, iPad, Tablet, and Mobile

  • Leave Management App
  • Performance Management App
  • Payroll Management App

Key Highlights | Oodles HRM Development Services

Oodles ERP development services cater to a variety of HRM development requirements that range from full-fledged HRM systems to modular HR integrations

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

We provide RPA within the existing system and ensure no huge investment while improving the efficiency of HR operations. RPA has its benefits in automating mundane tasks like resuming uploading and matching

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We use AI techniques for HRMS to improve employee engagement efforts. In addition, our ERP experts can enable better talent acquisition, onboarding, training, performance analysis, and retention with AI

Internet of Things (IoT)

We use beacons to capture clock-ins and clock-outs across various office locations. It results in a seamless attendance management system

Intelligent Shift Planning Systems

We use OptaPlanner to ensure an efficient shift planning process. It is useful in employee shift rostering, agenda scheduling, educational timetabling and so on

Latest Tools and Technologies

We use Angular X, React JS, Spring Cloud, Node JS, Cassandra DB, PSQL, Kafka, and ELK to develop robust and scalable HRM solutions

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Our HRM Development Services

We provide solution integration and development services to develop Recruitment Systems, Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), and Employee Management Systems

Our HRM Development Services
HRIS and HRMS Mobile Solutions
HRIS and HRMS Integration Services
Human Resource Management System Solutions
Payroll Software Solution
Performance Management Solution
Employee Onboarding Solution
Attendance Management Solution
Human Capital Management (HCM)
Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Solution
Recruitment Solution