Unlocking the Advantages of AI with Zoho CRM Plus

Posted By : Aditi | May 31, 2019

Unlocking the Advantages of AI with Zoho CRM Plus; An Overview


Zoho CRM Plus
Zoho CRM Plus

Zoho CRM Plus is the latest version of Zoho. It is a powerful and unified customer experience platform that significantly improves customer satisfaction levels. It connects and strengthens sales, marketing, and customer support operations.

Zoho CRM Plus streamlines the flow of information from one department to another throughout the entire customer lifecycle. It empowers sales, marketing, and customer support in an organization. The customer experience platform has a completely unified interface that enables businesses to get complete visibility of every customer interaction.

Zoho has incorporated AI capabilities in Zoho CRM Plus with Zia, an intelligent assistant in response to rapidly changing consumer trends. Zia provides email sentiment analysis and voice dialing capabilities to accelerate sales activities. In addition, it provides lead quality scoring, trend monitoring, and anomaly detection capabilities with ticket tracking and ticket sentiment analysis.

Zoho has added Zia voice chatbot capabilities to its Zoho desk customer service module to support chat interactions and natural language. It has also enabled social media monitoring to turn social media posts into customer service tickets with Zoho Social.

How Zoho CRM Plus Unlocks the Power of AI

Enhance Cross-Functional Business Collaboration with Process Automation

With the use of Zoho CRM Plus, the customer management team can easily manage processes such as sales, discounts, and product returns. They can involve multiple stakeholders without losing track of accountability.

It automatically indicates and manages all the bottlenecks that delay deal closures, thereby reducing friction in customer experience.

Zia at the Center of Customer Service

Zia automatically analyzes customer sentiments because it tracks all incoming tickets. It enables Zia to respond to customers on behalf of sales representatives.

Zia is also available as SDK (Software development kit), enabling organizations to provide Zia functionalities to their customers. It enables organizations to easily program AI enabled conversation assistants to provide customer service.

Zia, an AI-powered sales assistant has made the sales process smarter by suggesting workflows and detecting anomalies. Zia uses data mining and machine learning to learn from the existing data and give real-time insights for decision making. For instance, to identify the correct time to call a prospect or close a particular deal. Zia additionally speeds up the pipeline velocity. It alerts sales teams to contact clients at critical times.

Real-time Insights for Decision Making

Zoho analytics provides AI driven assistant and a range of data connectors making descriptive and predictive insights easily accessible across all teams. It features 300+ pre-built reports that provide real-time data on business aspects. Organizations can even build their own reports and dashboards to meet their specific business requirements.

AI powered by Zoho analytics enables organizations to calculate and track important business metrics such as campaign correlation or deal stage velocity. Organizations do this with the help of Ask Zia.

For instance, using Ask Zia organizations can request an executive to derive a correlation between marketing spends, the number of tickets received, corresponding impact on sales and decisions to increase sales.

Omni-Channel Support

Zoho CRM Plus enables customers to reach out to the organization with the channel of their choice. Business teams can effortlessly switch to different customer service channels with Zoho CRM Plus.

For instance,

  1. Sales representatives can convert website live chats to phone conversations.
  2. Marketers can convert social media interactions into tickets and get solutions for the problem faster.

Gain Benefits with Zoho CRM Plus and AI at Oodles

We have expertise in using the Zoho platform for custom application development. Our Zoho CRM integration services enable businesses to manage projects, improve sales and marketing efforts, streamline recruitment processes, and avail mobile accounting. Our experts connect your organization’s existing system with Zoho development services through custom APIs. We, at Oodles ERP, provide data-driven insights about sales performance with KPIs and smart dashboards.

We enable organizations to transform their customer relationships by providing a seamless and contextual flow of information across all departments. Our Zoho integration services and Zoho API integration services improve cross-functional business collaboration.

Concluding Thoughts

Zoho CRM Plus enables an organization to measure and improve key steps of the customer management lifecycle. It empowers sales, customer support, marketing, and operations teams to work in tandem. It provides complete visibility of customers across all departments rather than partial views. Zoho CRM Plus enables businesses to deliver excellent customer experiences. It facilitates users to deeply understand customer sentiments and prescribe actions to keep customers satisfied throughout the journey.

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