Zoho CRM eCommerce Integration For Increasing Company Revenue

Posted By : Manisha Jangwal | November 14, 2018

Zoho company is a leading vendor in the Google Apps marketplace by becoming a Google Apps Premier Technology in June 2014. Zoho offers Zoho CRM which is an award-winning CRM software. Zoho CRM serves best for satisfying customer to grow the business of their company. Zoho CRM automates all daily activities of salespeople, helps them easily track sales and interacts with customers. E-commerce website and Zoho CRM integration can work beyond site visitor tracking and improved customer service. Adopting Zoho CRM eCommerce integration saves your business costs and precious time.

Most importantly, it will help potential clients or customers to not slip through the cracks in the sales process. The biggest advantage Zoho CRM Development offers is it can be easily integrated with other systems.

Below are the top advantages of Zoho CRM eCommerce Integration for your business growth: 


1. Better insights

Zoho CRM e-commerce integration offers you better sales insights into customer activities. And companies can give their customers a good experience with the help of more intelligent data like online membership renewals, order status, loyalty rewards points programs, etc.

Zoho CRM eCommerce Integration
Zoho CRM e-commerce integration makes the life of companies easy and helps them grow. One of the biggest advantages of using Zoho CRM is that can be easily integrated with other systems. In this blog, I will explain how Zoho CRM eCommerce integration benefits companies.


2. Do better marketing and promotion

Zoho CRM e-commerce integration allows shop owners to have and manage their customer data at a centralized location. With this, all marketing activities, from planning to targeting and execution will be improved. Sending your customers a highly personalized email marketing is only done by CRM. Therefore, this factor will have a straight impact on your online shop’s income.


3. Better Inventory Forecasting

The integration of Zoho CRM system with e-commerce will help you obtain important and better data. It means you will get information about the most popular products of your store, least sold products, etc. Ultimately, it will help you use this sales data to forecast for manufacturing and sales purposes.


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4. Assistance after sales

The best benefit from Zoho CRM and e-commerce integration that it gives salespeople the opportunity to assist client matters before they turn into problems. Issues such as inventory shortages,  product education can be handled much more quickly and precisely by sales reps who understand the behavior of their customers.



5. Advanced team performance

With Zoho CRM eCommerce Integration, every online website that offers services & products and sale persons can have unprecedented benefits. It gives you access to every detail of a customer including payments, orders, and even products viewed by them to help the sales team upsell or cross-sell far more effectively. B2B e-commerce sites can also be benefited since sales teams can better negotiate with clients based on their past payment history.


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