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Solving Vehicle Routing and Scheduling Problem Using Timefold

Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | March 26, 2024

Logistics companies often face problems with vehicle routing, scheduling, and route optimization as they manage a large fleet of vehicles to fulfill their daily shipment schedules. To effectively tackle these problems, we have advanced vehicle routing and scheduling (VRS) software systems that bridge the gap between warehouse operators and freight carriers. The ultimate goal of VRS systems is to give fleet managers and cargo truck drivers the best possible routing options. Here, we fully control the transportation, distribution, and shipment processes through the use of distributed software modules and data-driven business intelligence tools. Besides, it assists fleet managers in adhering to their shipment plans and meeting delivery schedules.  

Here, we shall discuss the significance of vehicle routing and scheduling software solutions for logistics organizations. Our main focus will be on Timefold, an open-source AI-based constraint solver that helps businesses create feature-rich planning solutions for a range of business use cases. 


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Solving Vehicle Routing and Scheduling Problem Using Timefold


Vehicle Routing and Scheduling (VRS) 

VRS systems are essentially software modules that assist fleet operators and drivers in creating shipping timetables. By giving drivers the best path for a quicker delivery of different products, the VRS methods were established to speed up the shipping cycle. In the following section, we shall examine the significance of Timefold-based vehicle routing and scheduling software solutions in more detail. 



Timefold is an open-source AI solver designed to optimize complex planning and scheduling problems. Being a real-time constraint solver powered by artificial intelligence, Timefold is used to address and resolve challenging business problems. It allows developers to write custom constraints in code (Java, Python, or Kotlin) for specific problems, making the application adaptable and easier to integrate into existing systems. Timefold leverages advanced algorithms to analyze all possibilities and identify the most efficient solution. This, in turn, significantly reduces costs, improves service quality, and even minimizes environmental impact.


Business Use Cases For Timefold

The main uses and applications of Timefold as an embeddable planning engine for scheduling and routing software for vehicles are listed below. 


Routing of Buses

In bus routing, vehicles are on one side and customers and their needs are on the other. Here, we take the quickest approach possible to satisfy client requests. 


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Ambulance Scheduling

Ambulance routing will employ the VRS, although there are certain modifications to their limitations. Finding the shortest paths to the closest hospital is a task for the ambulance routing system. Here, time is of the essence as the ambulance needs to get to the closest hospital as early as possible.


Delivery and Pickup

Many items that need to be transported from one delivery place to another will be handled by the VRS. It entails figuring out the quickest path for cars to take in order to reach the pickup and drop-off spots. 


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How Does It Work?

We must enter our VRS problem into the solver after it is created. After a specific amount of time, the solver internally runs an algorithm to produce the best answer.



The potential drawbacks that businesses could experience when deploying Timefold for scheduling and vehicle routing software solutions are listed below. 


  1. In order to avoid local optimization, a lot of optimization algorithms rely on the ability to violate strict constraints while altering planning entities.
  2. The same restrictions apply to both implementation strategies: automatic performance optimizations, feature compatibility, and disabling.


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 Additional Enhancements


  1. Time-windowed vehicle routing: there is a window of time from the customer’s position to the desired destination.
  2. Pickup and delivery vehicle routing: we identify the best way to route a vehicle through a delivery drop-off location.
  3. several trip routing for vehicles: the vehicle can reach several customers in a given amount of time.


Why Choose Oodles ERP For Timefold Application Development?

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