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An Introduction To Timefold Solver 1.4.0

Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | March 8, 2024

OptaPlanner, an AI-based planning engine, remained one of the finest options in the market to build custom planning and optimization solutions. After a smooth transition into Timefold, it carries the legacy forward while extending features and capabilities of this embeddable planning engine. Being an open-source platform, Timefold offers a plethora of benefits to small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs), enabling them to build smart planning solutions at cost-effective rates. Soon after the release of Timefold Solver 1.0.0 in July 2023, the team successfully rolled out Solver 1.4.0 which is still available to developers worldwide. 

In this blog post, we provide a detailed overview of Timefold Solver 1.4.0 while talking about notable changes and enhancements. 


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An Introduction To Timefold Solver 1.4.0


Brief About Timefold

Timefold.ai is an open-source AI solver and platform designed to help developers build scalable enterprise planning solutions for complex optimization problems. It uses advanced algorithms to find the best solution for various tasks like vehicle routing, employee scheduling, roster management, task scheduling, and more. Being a fork of OptaPlanner, Timefold is a pure Java library that is part of the Timefold.ai platform. It provides developers with tools to solve constraint satisfaction problems like scheduling and resource allocation. Besides, it allows writing custom constraints in code, making it easier to maintain and use compared to traditional mathematical approaches.


Timefold Solver 1.4.0: An Overview

Timefold Solver 1.4.0 is the latest version of the open-source Timefold Solver library that was rolled out in November 2023. It introduced a new feature called explainable scoring that lets you break down the score of a single application into various constraints and constraint matches. Besides, it helps users understand the reasoning behind the scores assigned to different solutions. Also, it enables developers and end-users to easily understand the code and work on it to develop and customize the desired solution. 

Here’s a breakdown of the key updates from Timefold Solver 1.4.0:


Explainable Scoring

As explained above, this new feature allows you to break down the score of a solution into individual constraints and how well they are met. This makes it easier to understand why a particular solution received a specific score and communicate this information to others, like end-users.


JSON-friendly Score Analysis 

In this new version, the ScoreAnalysis object is made JSON-friendly, which means you can easily serialize it and send it over the wire. In Quarkus and Spring Boot, the ScoreAnalysis object will automatically serialize to JSON. This greatly simplifies integration with other tools and applications. 


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Performance Enhancement

Timefold Solver 1.4.0 significantly improves the performance for constraint streams, making them run slightly faster. 


Bug Fixes and Dependency Updates 

As with most software releases, Timefold Solver 1.4.0 also comes with bug fixes and upgrades to various dependencies like Quarkus and Spring. Besides, the inclusion in Spring Initializr makes it easier to get started with Timefold Solver and Spring Boot together.


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The Bottom Line

All things considered, Timefold Solver 1.4.0 focuses on providing more transparency into the solving process and simplifying integration with other technologies. Also, the explainable score is a great functionality that would significantly improve the overall user experience, enabling developers to build innovative solutions faster and more efficiently. 


How We Help You With Timefold App Development and Implementation?

At Oodles, we provide custom ERP software solutions to help enterprises streamline complex business processes and steer clear of their routine operational challenges. Our seasoned developers have ample experience in developing and customizing ERP applications as per varying business needs. We are official implementation partners with Timefold and provide full-scale planning optimization solutions for the diverse industry-specific needs of our clients. To learn more about our Timefold app development services, write to us at [email protected]

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