Shopify Zoho CRM Integration: Why This Integration Is Valuable

Posted By : Manisha Jangwal | December 26, 2018

Shopify Zoho CRM Integration: An Overview 

Have you recently launched your website using Shopify platform? And wondering which CRM solution you need to integrate with your Shopify? There are several Custom CRM Software development options available for integration in the market. But Zoho CRM offers a wide array of features at an inexpensive price as compared to other CRMs. Zoho CRM comes with a sturdy email marketing tool and some great customizable web forms that help to attract leads on your shopping website. It also offers the best and robust reporting functionality. Shopify Zoho CRM integration is a convenient way to enhance sales and have access to customer data from Shopify platform so that CRM team can make better use of that data to get more leads.


Shopify Zoho CRM integration
Shopify Zoho CRM integration: Why this integration is valuable

Following are the top advantages that you would have by having Shopify Zoho CRM integration :


1. Get customer details directly into Zoho CRM

Whenever a purchase order is generated on Shopify, this order will also get updated into Zoho Custom CRM Development Services automatically. This kind of sales data helps CRM people to understand which product has higher demand, who are potential customers and do other customer data analysis for making better sales decisions. Customer data analysis provides you with a way to make accurate predictions in sales. Before their integration, you will have to face a lot of struggles in syncing data between both the system which is not only exhausting but also costly as it takes more man force to handle two systems.


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2. All sales and profits data into a centralized location

Get all of sales and customer data into a single place to make better business decisions. It offers you have access to product lists and their prices list directly from Shopify ERP Integration Services platform to your Zoho CRM system. The integration allows you to see every product detail and all sales records from Zoho CRM system. With the integration of Zoho CRM with Shopify, you can keep track of sales within a single system and operate your business processes from any system. You get real-time data updates into Zoho CRM Software development and this data is very accurate for accurate forecasting reports.


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