Zoho vs Salesforce: Which CRM Is Better

Posted By : Manisha Jangwal | December 6, 2018

CRM is the most fundamental tool used by companies to keep track of sales, services activities and understand customer needs or wants. Without much clarity on your customers, it is hard to yield revenue. It is a very essential software tool for the growth of a company. Salesforce and Zoho are one of the popular CRMs on the market. Salesforce is a top CRM available on the market used by big companies like Coca-Cola, Delta Air Lines, and the American Red Cross. Zoho CRM is offered by Zoho company. It offers services to customers from small to large organizations. Before buying any one of these, let’s compare the features of Zoho Vs Salesforce CRM.


Here is a comparison  for Zoho Vs Salesforce CRM:


1. Simple to run

Zoho has a modular structure and that is why it is easy to use. Its UI is intuitive and allows you to view data easily. So, working on Zoho CRM development is a smooth ride.

Zoho vs Salesforce: Which CRM Is Better
Zoho and Salesforce CRM platforms are the best in its services around the globe. Read on this blog, if you are confused about which CRM is better. The blog describes the comparisons between Zoho Vs Salesforce CRM.

While the UI of Salesforce CRM is not as easy as Zoho CRM. It has countless features that make it a bit difficult to navigate through. So, you need to take some training before operating Sales form CRM.


2. Pricing

Zoho CRM comes with 4 editions named Standard, Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate. Its price range from $12 to $100, per user/month, charged annually.

Salesforce CRM holds 4 editions named SalesforceIQ Starter, Lightning Professional, Lightning Enterprise and Lightning Unlimited. Its price starts from $25 to $300 per user/month.


3. Smooth customizations

The need to modify the current CRM system may come anytime depending on certain reasons. Both the systems are flexible for extending its default functionalities and customization to suit what fits best for your business.


In the case of Zoho, you are able to customize standard modules and add extra functionalities in those modules, create new modules, add custom fields, design layout, edit permissions.


Salesforce can also be customized as you can make custom fields, 3rd party extensions, integrate your own apps, etc. to provide you with a complete solution.


4. Customer Support and Training

Zoho development services provides a Support Portal where one has access to the developer guides, videos, online user guides, forums and a complete knowledge base along with community support, email support. Technical support is included in the monthly license fee and is available via email for 24 hours a day from Monday-Friday.


Salesforce offers a dedicated Technical Support Portal along with free access to a webinar, limited videos, and FAQs. It also allows you to post your queries to a strong and big community of Salesforce experts. There is Toll-free support for 8 am-8 pm. But Professional and Enterprise edition charges for toll-free support.


I hope after reading this blog you have clear differences about Zoho Vs Salesforce CRM.


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