Top benefits of Using Mobile ERP solutions

Posted By : Manisha Jangwal | May 22, 2018

Mobile ERP solutions refer to an enterprise resource planning structure built for mobile tools. Today, many companies are preferring mobile ERP solutions due to the ease of comfort they provide to their users. A mobile version of ERP makes it possible to easily access and share information from anywhere at any time. Mobile ERP solutions are portable as well as reduce IT investment cost. Like an ERP system, a mobile ERP solution is a suite of integrated applications on mobile, which can store and manage data at any stage of a business.

Let’s look at some of the benefits that mobile ERP solutions offer:

1. Greater Visibility of operations

Manufacturing companies require right material to get their product produced. However, any delay in getting the parts off to produce hampers the production. If you use Mobile ERP solutions, you would receive an early warning that you have run out of materials and the delivery of materials will not be on time. This kinda information will help you to manage this effectively and take quick action to keep up the production.

2. Faster decisions

In the world of business, effective management of data is very important. Delay in accessing useful information can cause inefficiency in business operations; it can decrease productivity. Mobile ERP solutions provide you instant access to business data (happening in real-time), helping you make better and fast decisions that don’t let slow down the business productivity.

Mobile ERP solutions
Top benifits of using ERP Solutions

3. Enhanced workflows

A mobile version of ERP can manage your workflow efficiently. You would receive workflow alerts about requests that need your approval and instantly, you will be able to respond quickly to a mobile device. So, expert reports or order requisitions, releasing orders or any other process waiting for your approval can be done succinctly.


4. Greater visibility

Mobile ERPs are excellent to track the activities of more than one business location. Business processes happening in different work departments and locations can be tracked easily by your mobile handheld device. Thus, it becomes easier to anticipate demand and plan business processes without much hassle. A mobile ERP app is able to collect valuable data and information from different points and give you access to up-to-date information. This enables you to have a clear picture of things happening in real time.

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