Implement Strategic Workforce Planning in your Hiring Process

Posted By : Vipasha Singh | April 19, 2020

Strategic Workforce Planning

As most businesses continue to remain majorly inoperational, the imminent times may witness a rise in unemployment. With organizations trying to hold themselves together, they need to strategically strengthen workforce and supply chains with limited resources. In order to prepare for such challenges, enterprises must implement strategic workforce planning in their hiring process.


Strategic Workforce Planning is an analytics-based process for acquiring the right talent, at the right time, in the right place. At the same time, it encompasses the alignment of the workforce with enterprise goals. The ever-changing dynamics of the global marketplace and technological advances make workforce planning indispensable to businesses to remain competitive.


At Oodles, we develop ERP integrated with workforce planning software that employs forecasting, analysis, and data modeling for human capital management. Let’s delve further into how strategic workforce planning can drive profitability by acquiring, inspiring and retaining a proficient staff.



The strategy to plan the workforce for an organization needs to follow some basic steps. Methodically, those steps would be as follows:

Strategic Workforce Planning

1. Mapping out business tendencies aligned with workforce

Where an enterprise sees itself in the big picture is central to planning the workforce. Drawing out its objectives for a given period of time facilitates resource allocation, decision making and creating value.

2. Determine the size, shape, and cost of goal-oriented recruitment

Once the enterprise goal is set in perspective, HR needs to determine the size (number of vacancies to be created), shape(competencies required and succession planning), and labor cost for an adaptive workforce. Take into account the necessary skills, experience, and behavior that the vacancies. So created, require.

3. Selection and hiring

This part includes inviting, shortlisting, selection and appointment of suitable candidates. With workforce management software for recruitment integrated with your ERP, Oodles makes this step swifter for your enterprise. This software uses analytical tools to combine internal, external and social data to furnish meaningful insights into talent availability and shortfalls. Once shortlisted, you can easily select the best fit for a job role.

4. Performance and training management

After hiring skilled personnel, employee onboarding software from Oodles helps assist new employees in the onboarding process. Once employees are oriented with the company they’re ready to be trained for quality performance to become assets to the organization.

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Today, businesses want to weigh goals against performance to strategically deploy resources to make the most of them. For doing so, a strategic workforce planning software comes in handy with its scheduling, budgeting and management options.

Here’s a list of deliverables of a workforce planning software:

1.A workforce scheduling software that works on real-time data and aids planning shifts based on project requirements and employee credentials.

2.Task management and allocation as per budgetary limits.

3.Quick access to reports aided by smart analytical tools.

4.Analysis of work history to reduce instances of overtime abuse.

5.Biometric shift tracking systems that enhance visibility and productivity.

6.Compliance with labor laws and regulations as per geographic location.




We are an ERP Development company with the objective to revolutionize work environments with technological tools. Our developers design customized ERP solutions for organizations after analyzing their requirements and goals. We build workforce management systems with robust strategic workforce planning software that effectively schedules, tracks and manages employee data for new recruitments as well as existing employees. Talk to our experts to implement workforce planning in your hiring and human capital management processes.


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