Top Reasons For Integrating ERP CRM

Posted By : Devesh Singhal | September 4, 2018

integrating ERP CRM

ERP and CRM are two different systems that when combined can deliver great outcomes. While both systems are separately used, their true potential only comes out when integrating them together. Both ERP and CRM offer countless benefits individually and make a huge difference in a company’s operations. However, when it comes to how well do you know about your customer behavior and choices, integrating ERP CRM together is the answer. ERP and CRM integration can track all important data regarding its customer journey.

Also, the integration of ERP and CRM systems can help you increase your overall ROI, improve visibility throughout your entire practice along with improved customer service & contact management.

Below are some of the top reasons that tell you the need for integrating ERP CRM together :

1. Increase sales

With ERP and CRM integration, a sales team can have access to customer order history and customer service calls. This makes way for converting leads to buyers. As a matter of fact, they will have better opportunities to reach out to potential buyers and close a deal. ERP and CRM integration gives salespeople a better chance to know their customers very well. From sales/support data to finance and accounting information, your company can get complete visibility into customer’s buying habits, order history, and choices. When you have vital client information in hand, your company can improve customer services and attract customers for sales through more better decisions.


2. Saves your time and removes errors

ERP and CRM combination enables a company to more focus on other important things and operations. The integration reduces duplicate data entry practice as you do not need to enter data separately in both the systems. Therefore, it saves a lot of man-hours wasted in multiple data entry rather than focusing on other important business things.


3. Higher Overall ROI

Getting an ROI is the main motive of every business in the market. And this is possible with an integrated CRM and ERP system. One can easily find out ROI when ERP and CRM are integrated together. In addition to it, a business can make the most out of the critical information coming out of the integration. For instance, you will be to find ways to reduce expenses and increase ROI.


4. Accurate predictions

The integration between CRM and ERP brings in more accurate forecasting. Managers will be able to get more accurate forecasting by this integration to make business strategic decisions.

Lastly, integrating ERP CRM together can help businesses to improve their sales efficiency and more productivity of operations.


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