Introducing Odoo 16: The New and Enhanced ERP Software Suite

Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | October 17, 2022

Odoo is definitely one of the most sought-after software platforms for ERP application development that enables enterprises to centrally manage their complex workflows. With a comprehensive suite of business process management tools, it caters to the needs of cross-industry enterprises, helping them build custom solutions from scratch. Besides, Odoo brings new features and upgrades every year to enhance the core functionalities of its modules for improved business performance. Since the first major rollout in 2016, Odoo has released a series of updates, Odoo 15 being the most recent one. That being said, as approach mid-October, a new major Odoo update is just around the corner. 

Slated for a late October release, Odoo 16 has grasped the attention of the tech community as well as businesses and ERP developers all along. At the same time, the internet is abuzz with early predictions and upcoming features in Odoo ver. 16. In this blog post, we drive you through some of the most important features and enhancements in Odoo 16. 

features and enhancements in Odoo 16


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New Features and Enhancements In Odoo 16 At a Glance

Odoo has come a long way from a miniature ERP package to a full-fledged open-source ERP software. As of today, we have witnessed 15 versions of this comprehensive ERP software suite wherein each one brought significant changes and enhancements. Now with the 16th version, it is likely to raise the bar while rolling out some excellent features like improved chatbot support. In the following section, we shall delve into some of the key features, upgrades, and enhancements coming to Odoo ver. 16. 


Knowledge Application

Knowledge application is one of the most anticipated features in Odoo 16 which was unavailable in all previous versions. Once it rolls out the new version, this application will act as an information hub for Odoo users. As a result, it would allow business users and professionals associated with an organization to contribute crucial data to the worldwide Odoo community. 


Improved Chatbot

It has been a couple of years since Odoo rendered chatbot support to its users via an application called Odoo AI chatbot. Nevertheless, we saw a series of improvements in the chatbot app since the Odoo 13 release. That said, Odoo 16 brings significant improvements to the chatbot functionality as it includes new questions and responses. At the same time, it introduces a decision tree where business users can get their queries addressed directly from the chatbot. 


Marketing Tools

The previous versions of Odoo required users to access promotional coupons or marketing tools outside of the main application modules. It often caused users to refrain from using these tools in their business modules. However, Odoo 16 provides a more efficient way to use these marketing tools by providing business users with centralized access to discounts coupons that can be offered to end-users or customers. 


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Module Upgrades

These were some of the key features and enhancements in Odoo 16. Let us now talk about the upgrades and enhancements coming to different Odoo modules.


Inventory Module

With Odoo 16, the inventory module has received some major improvements and a series of enhancements including upgraded delivery methods and force back-order options. Besides, several newfangled tools have been added to improve the module’s overall efficiency. Below are some other critical upgrades with the inventory module:

  • Significant advancements in auto-replenishment features
  • The subscription module under inventory management is now combined with sales orders
  • Improvements in shipping methods and transportation management
  • Simplified barcode printing, scanning, and lot management 


Accounting Module

Similar to the inventory module, there are many notable changes and enhancements in the accounting module. Below are the key changes that arrive in the accounting module with Odoo 16 release.

  • Invoice management processes have become more digitized, thereby improving the operational efficiency
  • Odoo 16 renders support for order cancellation and refund processing through its accounting module


CRM and Marketing

The improved CRM module is going to provide more visibility into customer services and seamless onboarding procedures. At the same time, the new marketing module in Odoo 16 renders powerful email marketing capabilities, enabling business users to design custom email templates as per their business needs. Besides, it offers 24/7 support from Vimeo for seamless eLearning management. 


Purchase Module

The purchase module in Odoo 16 also brings some notable changes and enhancements. For instance, the ‘call for tender’ feature has been redesigned to facilitate better purchasing management. Also, it lets you generate an alternate RFQ to compare with the original one. That said, it gives you multiple options for a single purchase so that you may choose the best option for various purchases. Besides, there are notable changes in the POS module that are mainly associated with the receipt or delivery status. 


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Wrapping Up

These were some of the key features and enhancements in Odoo 16 that are going to make development faster and more efficient. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that despite all these upgrades, the core functionality of modules will remain more or less the same. Therefore, developers are less likely to face any challenges or difficulties while using or leveraging new features that come along. Moreover, the new features will make development fast, effective, and more hassle-free than before. 


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