Leveraging Odoo SaaS ERP For Business Process Management

Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | September 15, 2022

ERP application development has become an inevitable need for businesses to sail through their routine operational complexities. Regardless of the business size or industrial use cases, ERP implementation is crucial to driving steady business growth through streamlined operations. However, it is critical to choose the right software platform to extract the true benefits of ERP for business process management. It is, therefore, increasingly important to thoroughly analyze your business requirements, conduct 360-degree market research and competitive analysis while selecting your ERP platform. 

As of today, SaaS ERP applications have gained significant traction and are quickly replacing traditional on-premise ERP systems. Owing to the apparent benefits of the SaaS architecture, businesses around the globe are opting for SaaS ERP application development. When it comes to SaaS ERP development, Odoo is definitely one of the most sought-after platforms that enterprises may use. 

In this blog post, we shall explore the significance of Odoo SaaS ERP for business process management and the benefits it delivers to enterprises. First, let us learn more about the Odoo SaaS kit and its key features that enterprises may leverage to streamline their routine business processes. 


Leveraging Odoo SaaS ERP For Business Process Management

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Odoo SaaS Kit: An Overview

Odoo is an open-source software platform that provides a complete suite of enterprise applications focused on solving diverse business problems. With a dedicated software development kit for SaaS-based applications, Odoo enables developers to build custom business applications from scratch. It offers a free community edition and a more advanced enterprise edition to provide technical support for developing seamless cloud-based applications. In the following section, you will explore the key features of Odoo SaaS kit and the benefits it delivers to various enterprises. 


Odoo as a Service

It is a software-as-a-service module from Odoo that offers subscription-based services to customers in the form of instances. It enables enterprise users to easily sell Odoo and its modules with Odoo instances as a subscription-based service.  


Monthly/Yearly Subscriptions

Odoo enables enterprises to create different subscription plans with featured modules. Here, customers need to purchase a monthly/yearly subscription plan to avail different Odoo modules and services. Nevertheless, before opting for a monthly or yearly subscription, customers may also avail a free trial for a limited period only. 


Customer Website Account View

Odoo provides a customer website account view where the customer can check the contract details of their subscription plan. It also provides a detailed summary of the modules included in a particular subscription plan. Customers can also check their subscription details simply by logging into their SaaS instance through the website account. 


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Other Crucial Features of Odoo SaaS Kit

Given below are some other features Odoo SaaS kit that are conducive to facilitating effective business process management. 

  • The SaaS kit is fully compatible with both Odoo community version and enterprise edition
  • Complete control over each database with the ability to increase or decrease the total number of users
  • System-wise monitoring of databases
  • Supports SSL certificates and payment gateways like PayPal
  • Support for automatically sending invoices at the end of a billing cycle


Benefits of Odoo SaaS Kit

Now that we are familiar with the most useful features of Odoo SaaS ERP for business process management, let us now delve into the main benefits of the same. 


Data Accessibility

Developing and implementing Odoo SaaS ERP for business process management provides users with seamless access to business data anytime and anywhere. All you need to do is a compatible device i.e laptop, desktop, smartphone or tablet and a stable internet connection. 


Reduced Hardware Complications

Since the business data is stored on the cloud, you do not need to set up a complex hardware infrastructure. As a result, it significantly reduces complexities associated with hardware maintenance and also reduces operational costs. 


Better Scalability

Odoo SaaS ERP for business process management is increasingly flexible and scalable to address the dynamically changing business needs. Unlike on-premise Odoo applications, here you can easily scale up or down simply by changing your subscription plan. 


Ease of Integration

Odoo SaaS kit is fully compatible with a wide range of applications, plugins, and software systems. As such, they seamlessly integrate with a large number of proprietary Odoo modules, third-party applications, and disparate enterprise systems.


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These were some of the most crucial features and benefits of Odoo SaaS ERP for business process management. Despite the many similar platforms for SaaS ERP, Odoo remains one of the most sought-after solutions due to multiple factors like ease of implementation, vast integration support, compatibility, and more. Most importantly, the platform is open-source which means you do not have to pay additional license fees. As a result, it significantly reduces the overall development cost and aids in building a high-quality software product. 


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