Comparing Odoo and Zoho For LMS Software Development

Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | September 18, 2020

In this blog post, we provide a technical comparison between Odoo and Zoho for enterprise-based LMS software development.


Learning management systems (LMS) have become increasingly popular in education, entrepreneurship, and corporate training programs. Developing an LMS software is a proven way to enhance e-learning experiences as it is more interactive and drives the maximum attention of learners. At the same time, it enables course providers to deliver personalized learning experiences, which in turn, shortens the learning curve of students, staff, and aspiring candidates. 


LMS-based courses are proven more effective than traditional courses and learning programs as they instantly grab the mindshare of learners. Besides, you get to learn through custom animations and personalized graphics that accelerate the learning pace and deliver tangible results. 


Coming to the development part, it is essential to choose the right software platform to build a learning management system. Taking into account the enterprise-grade application requirements, Odoo and Zoho are the leading software platforms for LMS development.  


At Oodles ERP, we have years of experience in Zoho and Odoo development services to address different types of project requirements. Our Zoho software solutions and Odoo application development services are conducive to building custom LMS solutions that deliver smart learning experiences. Based on our experience in Zoho and Odoo ERP development services, we provide a quick comparison between these two for LMS development. 


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Odoo vs Zoho For LMS Software Development

Zoho and Odoo are the two most sought-after software packages that aid in delivering smart learning experiences across devices. Both these platforms provide a standalone development environment for building feature-rich LMS applications to address varied project requirements. Let’s delve into a detailed comparison between the two platforms and have a quick glance at their pros and cons. 


Zoho People LMS Solutions 

Zoho People offers a comprehensive LMS suite to build enterprise-grade learning management systems for employee training programs. It provides a highly flexible cloud-based LMS solution to significantly improve corporate training programs by delivering personalized e-learning experiences.


Given below are the main benefits you get with Zoho People’s LMS software solutions for enterprises. 


– Self-paced learning based on employees’ existing skills and domain knowledge

– Blended learning to provide a holistic experience by combining self-paced learning, virtual classrooms, and traditional learning methods

– Customizable course builder with the availability of different modules and content types like tests, quizzes, assignments, video lectures, and virtual sessions

– Virtual classrooms to enable digital training sessions where tutors and learners from across the globe can connect and interact

– Integrated training platforms that render personalized learning experiences with automated performance monitoring

– Real-time insights into training programs


– Requires extensive customizations during the initial stage

– Complex customization procedures

– Complicated enrollment forms for various courses

– Limited customer support from Zoho People


Odoo LMS Software Solutions

Odoo provides an open-source learning management system suite to build custom eLearning solutions for varied enterprise training applications. As compared to Zoho, Odoo offers more extensive community support and unique features to enable community learning and knowledge sharing. It also provides advanced reporting tools and analytics features to track course progress and enable self-paced learning. 


Let’s explore the key enterprise features and benefits of Odoo LMS solutions and subsequently analyze their shortcomings. 



– Engaging eLearning Content: Employees get to learn through interactive videos, virtual sessions, documents, presentations, and downloadable lectures

– Advanced Editor: Tutors and trainers can easily create new courses or edit the existing ones with drag-and-drop features

– Self-paced Learning: Automatically optimizes courses based on the learning pace of employees and their domain experience 

– Reporting and Insights: Learners can easily track their course progress and get weekly/monthly performance reports 

– Assessments and Certifications: The training staff can offer course-specific certifications that encourage employees to actively participate in various tests and quizzes

– Tests, Assignments, and Quizzes: Employees can attempt various test assignments and complete interactive quizzes to re-examine their learnings



– Lack of backward compatibility

– Bugs and usability issues 

– Requires comprehensive QA testing

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The Final Verdict

After careful consideration of the aforementioned factors and upon analyzing their pros and cons, you can choose the right platform for your software project. For all we know, it would be unfair to say that one platform is better than the other. Both Odoo and Zoho provide a powerful LMS development suite and offer unique benefits for enterprises through personalized employee training programs. However, the use cases may be different for different project requirements. It is, therefore, advisable to consider the aforementioned factors to choose the right LMS platform that best addresses your enterprise needs. 


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