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Posted By : sahil dwivedi | November 7, 2019

Odoo Open ERP is a comprehensive suite of business applications including CRM, Sales, Project management, Manufacturing, Warehouse management, Financial Management, and Human Resources. It has more than 14,000 third party applications in its app store which can be customized as per specific business requirements. It has a module-based structure which makes it easy to use. Let’s explore how Odoo Open ERP is driving growth for businesses.

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Benefits of Using Odoo Open ERP

Odoo Open ERP is an all in one suite of management software that enables businesses to streamline day-to-day business processes. Odoo has powerful community support and provides the following benefits:

Web-based Open-source ERP platform

Less implementation cost as compared to other ERP’s

Based on an updated technology stack

Provides a better level of customization


The architecture of Odoo:-


* Three-tier client/server/database

* Web client in Javascript

* Server and backend modules in Python

* MVC framework


Structure of an Odoo Module


An Odoo module is

* A Python module (data models), with

*  A manifest file,

* XML and CSV data files (base data, views, menus),

* frontend resources (Javascript, CSS).

The manifest file __manifest__.py:


‘name’: ‘Open Academy’, 

‘version’: ‘1.0’, 

‘category’: ‘Tools’,

 ‘summary’: ‘Courses, 

Sessions, Subscriptions’,

 ‘description’: “…”, 

‘depends’: [‘base’], 

‘data’: [‘views/views.xml’),

 ‘demo’: [],

 ‘application’: True,


A model and its fields are defined in a Python class:


from Open ERP import fields, models

class Course(models. Model):

_name = ‘openacademy.course’

name = fields. Char(string=’Title’, required=True) description = fields. Text()


The Menu as XML data :

Courses open academy.course

tree, form 

Relations between models :

* Many to one

* Many to many

* One to many


plant_id = fields.Many2one(“nursery.plant”, required=True)

Benefits of Using Odoo Open ERP

ORM Operation:-

* read

* write(update)

* create

* unlink(delete)


Structure of Odoo module :

* Controllers

* Demo

* Security

* Views

* Files

Avail Benefits of Odoo Development with Oodles

Manage your business processes efficiently with our Odoo development services. Choose from our stack of 10,000+ supported Odoo applications and fulfill your specific business requirements. 

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