Custom Odoo ERP Development For Trading Companies

Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | March 28, 2022

The trading and distribution sector forms the essential link between manufacturers and retailers, enabling them to ramp up their revenue margins by facilitating seamless exchange of goods. Nevertheless, businesses operating in the trading and distribution sector have to deal with several challenges including demand fluctuations, market competition, and dynamic customer behavior. Besides, there are many operational complexities associated with the trading business in the form of strict government policies and complex legislation procedures. All things considered, there needs to be a fully-integrated ERP system to efficiently manage routine operational activities and automate complex repetitive tasks. 

Developing and implementing ERP solutions could be increasingly beneficial for businesses operating in the trading industry. ERP implementation paves the way for a centralized software application to track and manage customer-facing activities and streamline operations associated with trading and distribution. In doing so, it significantly improves customer experiences, augments retention rate, and aids in building long-term customer relationships. 

Custom Odoo ERP Development For Trading Companies

Odoo is a popular ERP software platform that enables developers to build custom enterprise solutions to solve complex business problems. Odoo ERP application development services could be an effective way to sail through the operational complexities in the T&D industry. Here, we shed light on the importance of Odoo ERP application development and the benefits it delivers to trading companies. 


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A Brief Overview of Odoo ERP

Odoo is an open-source software platform that provides a comprehensive business application suite for business process automation. It provides a series of fully customizable modules for diverse industry-specific business use cases. Besides, developers can use the source code of Odoo business modules to build custom enterprise applications from scratch. When it comes to ERP implementation, Odoo provides a free community edition with all basic features and a more advanced enterprise edition. It enables developers to seamlessly build feature-rich cloud applications while also rendering support for on-premise applications. In the following section, we shall explore the significance of Odoo ERP and the key benefits it delivers to businesses in the trading and distribution sector. 


Benefits of Odoo ERP For Trading Businesses

Odoo ERP application development delivers a plethora of benefits to businesses operating in the trading and distribution industry. Let us move ahead and delve into the most crucial benefits that T&D companies can avail through Odoo ERP development. 


Effective Sales Management

Odoo ERP development enables T&D companies to efficiently run their sales operations by virtue of data-driven operation management and controlling tools.


Procurement Management

It helps you keep close tabs on your stock levels and automatically raises requests for stock replenishments. Besides, Odoo ERP module helps you manage purchase operations and procurements as per the trading requirements from multiple sources. 


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Customer Relationship Management

CRM is yet another crucial business function that plays a critical role in establishing healthy customer relationships. Odoo provides a dedicated module for customer relationship management that seamlessly integrates with your existing software infrastructure. 


Inventory/Warehouse Management

The inventory/WMS module from Odoo lets you track inventory movements and provides real-time insights into warehouse data. Besides, it helps you closely monitor warehouse operations and take essential measures to enhance workforce productivity. 


Shipping and Logistics

Shipping and logistics are of foremost importance to companies operating the trading and distribution sector. Odoo ERP takes care of all essential logistics activities including purchasing, procurement, fleet management, vendor payment processing, approval/request management, and the likes. 


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Closing Thoughts

The aforementioned benefits clearly indicate the importance of Odoo ERP application development in trading and distribution management. Along with all these benefits, it provides advanced analytics and real-time reporting features to gain insights into business processes. At the same time, the T&D companies can effortlessly manage their inventory movements, cash inflows and outflows, and other financial activities. Above all, Odoo ERP helps you stay competitive and sustain the cut-throat market competition. 


How We Help You Build a Custom ERP Solution Using Odoo?

We, at Oodles ERP, provide end-to-end enterprise software development services to address cross-industry business requirements. Our seasoned developers specialize in using Odoo ERP modules to build custom enterprise solutions from the ground up. We have a proven track record in building scalable enterprise software solutions for startups, SMBs and large-scale enterprises. Our team is skilled at using the latest tech stack and next-generation technologies to help you accelerate your business growth and achieve higher levels of productivity. To learn more about our Odoo ERP development services, reach out at [email protected].

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