Odoo ERP Development To Support Your Healthcare Clinic

Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | November 17, 2021

The operations in the healthcare sector have become more complex and convoluted to handle the growing influx of patients. In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, all major hospitals and healthcare clinics are already running at their full capacity. In addition to providing core medical facilities, healthcare clinics are responsible for performing RT-PCR tests and conducting vaccination drives. Therefore, it is critical to develop and implement ERP software solutions to cope up with the ebb and flow of their routine operational complexities.

Odoo ERP development for healthcare management is an ideal way for medical clinics and wellness centers to improve their services. Besides, it would help them streamline their operations and effortlessly manage the growing influx of patients while delivering top-notch medical facilities. Here, we shall explore the significance of Odoo ERP for healthcare management and the benefits it brings to healthcare clinics.

Odoo ERP development for healthcare management


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Odoo ERP Development For Healthcare Management

Odoo is an open-source ERP software platform that offers full-scale enterprise solutions for cross-industry business use cases. The suite of business applications from Odoo includes a dedicated healthcare module that addresses the diverse needs of hospitals, clinics, and healthcare institutes. Given below are the key features and benefits of the Odoo ERP module for healthcare management. 


Workforce Management and Staffing

Although the staff requirements might be limited for a healthcare clinic as compared to a hospital, effective workforce management is still important. From shift planning to task scheduling, and attendance management, Odoo ERP development is conducive to efficiently managing a diverse range of workforce activities in the healthcare industry. The Odoo ERP module for workforce management is fully customizable and easy to scale as per changing business needs. 


Financial Accounting

Odoo ERP development for healthcare management must also include a dedicated module for accounting and financial management. The solution must keep track of all financial transactions while maintaining a tamper-proof record of the clinic’s day-to-day financial activities. Odoo provides a feature-rich accounting module that takes care of all financial and bookkeeping tasks of a healthcare clinic. Besides, it provides a custom invoicing module with several built-in templates to facilitate faster invoice generation for various medical treatments. 


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Appointment Scheduling

The Odoo ERP module for healthcare management renders support for automated appointment scheduling. It provides a self-service portal where patients can view the available time slots and book an appointment accordingly with minimal complications. The clinic staff will be notified for each new appointment so they can keep doctors apprised of their patients’ appointments. 


Lab Test Management

Most healthcare clinics either have their own private lab or they are partnered with a third-party lab for all clinical tests. Either way, an ERP software system could be crucial to track and accelerate lab tests while also streamlining information sharing between the clinical staff and lab assistants. Odoo ERP development for healthcare management ensures that lab tests are carried out seamlessly in a well-organized manner. Besides, it automatically shares the test result with the respective patient as soon as it is available while also retaining a lab copy for the same. 


Patient Record Keeping

The Odoo ERP module keeps track of the patients’ medical history as well as their prior appointments and test details. Doctors and medical staff can easily retrieve all relevant information about a patient’s medical records in just a few clicks. Odoo maintains a tamper-proof record of all necessary details about patients and automatically updates patients’ profiles after each new appointment. 


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The Bottom Line

Odoo ERP development is definitely a promising way to streamline the operations of your healthcare clinic and build resilience for potential disruptions. Odoo for healthcare ERP comes in two variants i.e a free community version and the more advanced enterprise edition. Either way, it brings significant cost savings to the table and helps you build a feature-rich enterprise solution without overspending. Nevertheless, it is critical to seek assistance from a trusted technology partner to extract maximum benefits from Odoo ERP development for healthcare management. 


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