Increasing Business Efficiency with Odoo eCommerce Integration

Posted By : Aditi | January 14, 2020

Odoo eCommerce Integration

Odoo eCommerce integration is essential to increase the potentiality in the field of eCommerce. Odoo eCommerce integration enables businesses to enhance the core functionality of their modules, streamline the backend operations and modernize the system for higher proficiency. It will enable businesses to manage their orders, inventories, shipment, payments, and customers efficiently. Let’s explore the features and benefits of Odoo eCommerce integration.

We are an ERP development company that provides Odoo customization services to meet the client’s specific requirements. Our developers provide businesses with a full spectrum of Odoo services to manage their eCommerce platform.

Features of Odoo eCommerce

Multi-store eCommerce: Businesses can launch and manage multiple eCommerce stores with unique designs, price lists, currency, and language.

Creation of Product Variants: Business associates can create different variants of a product like size, color, shape or other attributes.

Inline Editing: Business associates can create product pages using Odoo’s ‘edit inline’ approach. 

Building Blocks System: Businesses can create their own product page from scratch by dragging and dropping fully customizable building groups. The products can be described in a table to showcase maximum specifications.

Online Form Builder: Businesses can build appealing custom web forms and capture visitor’s information easily. 

Options of Boost Sales: Businesses can define product categories, focus on promotions, coupons, and push the best products at the top of the page in order to accelerate sales.

Abandoned Carts: Businesses can search, mail and launch marketing automation on abandoned carts to convert them into orders.

Live Chat Embedded: Businesses can provide their visitors with information in real-time and secure their sales.

Easy Search System: Businesses can make product searches easier by setting different attributes on products like color, size, and shape.

Customer Portal: Businesses can enable customers to track their orders, check advanced shipping rules and view return management policy via the customer portal. 

Shipping Methods: Businesses can speed up their shipment process and track their orders from Odoo using FedEx, UPS, and DHL shipping connectors.

Fully Integrated Payments: Businesses enable customers to pay directly through payment gateways like Paypal and

Calculate and Bill Shipping Costs: Businesses can get delivery costs computed automatically using Odoo’s embedded delivery method configurator.

Chart of Accounts: Businesses can use Odoo’s custom package template to build their own chart of accounts. It embeds a set of generic preset accounts and taxes.

Sales Data Analytics: Businesses can highlight their best products in terms of quantity sold. Managers can display a graph with monthly sales per product and add it to the dashboard.

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Benefits of Odoo eCommerce Integration

Multi-Store Management

Odoo eCommerce integration enables business managers to handle multiple stores from a single software. In addition, managing of inventory becomes easy. 

Increasing Business Proficiency

Odoo eCommerce integration enables business managers to improve profits by analyzing sales and inventory levels. Managers can maintain inventory and sales via automatic stock adjustments and reporting. In addition, dedicated customer portals will enable business managers to keep customer data organized. It will further facilitate customers to download invoices and delivery orders and view pending shipments from a single location. 

Shipping Information in One Location

Integrating Odoo with eCommerce platforms enables businesses to view shipping information, product information and inventory levels information in one location. It saves time for business managers and increases productivity levels as business managers don’t have to input data manually.

Enhanced Shipping Integration

Odoo eCommerce integration enables business managers to put add-on connectors to manage their shipping services. At Oodles, we provide shipping integration services to resolve shipping software issues, right from estimating freight quotes to the integration with shipping carriers like FedEx, DHL, UPS, and USPS. 

Data Synchronization Process in Odoo eCommerce Integration 

* Product details available in eCommerce websites should be updated in the Odoo system. Changes made in product details will automatically be updated in the Odoo system. 

* The details of the transactions including payment gateways made in the online store should be synchronized in the Odoo system.

* Sales orders placed by customers on the eCommerce website should be synchronized with the Odoo ERP system. 

* Product quantity information stored in the Odoo system should be synchronized with the online store to comprehend both customers and employees. 

Integrating Odoo with eCommerce Websites at Oodles

At Oodles, we provide Odoo development services that enable businesses to achieve operational efficiency and profitability. We have a stack of 10,000+ Odoo supported applications to meet the demands of businesses through a single interface. Our developers provide integration services for different platforms like Magento, Shopify, Prestashop, Zoho, and WooCommerce. 

Connect with our ERP team to avail of the benefits of Odoo eCommerce integration!

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