Improve Business Process Management with jBPM

Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | March 23, 2021

In today’s competitive business environment and volatile market conditions, enterprises require tech-driven strategies to manage their complex workflows. With automation on the cards for most organizations, it has become more critical to use business intelligence tools to sustain the cut-throat competition. Besides, aligning your operations in accordance with business process management strategies lets you sail through the operational complexities towards efficient workflows. At the same time, it helps you control overhead expenses, keep productivity levels in check and automate complex business processes. 

There are several business process management tools that enable organizations to streamline their complex business workflows and enhance process efficiency. jBPM is one such platform that provides a comprehensive toolkit for business process management, enabling developers to build performance-driven enterprise solutions. This post highlights the key features and benefits of jBPM software development with a focus on improving business process efficiency. 


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Improve Business Process Management with jBPM


What Is jBPM? What To Expect From It?

Before we jump into the subject matter, let’s get familiar with the basic concept of jBPM and its significance from BPM’s perspective. 

jBPM is an open-source BPM services provider platform that provides a comprehensive software suite to automate complex business processes and facilitate intelligent decision-making. It is a Java-based, embeddable workflow engine that provides a specialized toolkit to efficiently manage diverse business functions. 

The toolkit enables developers to simplify and externalize the given business logic into a series of reusable assets. As a result, it facilitates seamless execution of diverse business operations and routine tasks in adherence to BPMN 2.0 protocol. In addition to automating mission-critical business functions, jBPM aids in streamlining data management and data handling processes with sheer accuracy. 


How To Benefit From jBPM Software Development Services?

When it comes to  jBPM implementation, we can use it as a standalone service as it seamlessly integrates with custom services. Besides, it doesn’t require additional frameworks or development tools and is fully compatible with traditional JEE applications. Let’s move ahead and delve deeper into the main benefits of jBPM software development. 


Developer Friendly 

jBPM is an open-source software platform that incorporates the Java-everywhere paradigm to provide a swift coding experience. Once you have jBPM embedded in your application, it can run in any Java environment. At its core, jBPM is an open-source, extensible workflow engine written with BPMN 2.0 specifications. The use of Java-based programming makes it easy for developers to learn and master jBPM. Besides, the intuitive coding interface and the availability of extensive documentation shorten the learning curve of developers and help them get off the ground quickly. 


Cloud-native Solution

Kogito is a cloud-native business process automation solution based on jBPM that lets you build intelligent business applications on the cloud. With Kogito, you can leverage technologies like Quarkus and Knative to effortlessly scale your application on orchestration platforms such as Kubernetes. Above all, it offers a simplified development environment and intuitive coding interface with features like live reload. In addition, developers get increased flexibility to customize an application with easy code reusability. 


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Better Control and Flexibility

Jbpm business management software enables enterprises to gain better control over routine business processes and increased flexibility to upscale or downscale. For instance, project managers can decide which parts of the process should be automated as per the execution strategies. Besides, jBPM supports adaptive and dynamic process methodologies to address complex business challenges by modeling real-life scenarios. 


Lightweight and Cost-effective

jBPM is a lightweight, extensive, and easily embeddable workflow engine that incorporates Java-based programming to automate complex business workflows. Supporting the latest BPMN 2.0 protocol, it enables enterprises to seamlessly integrate different modules and services to seamlessly execute their routine tasks. Above all, jBPM is an open-source workflow engine with its source code available for general-purpose business use cases. As a result, it significantly reduces the overall project costs while providing advanced BI capabilities to manage complex routine tasks. 


At Oodles ERP, we provide enterprise-grade business process management solutions to enable automation across diverse business verticals. Our 360-degree jBPM software development services enable organizations to efficiently manage their routine business processes and achieve better performance. Our development team has proven skills in implementing the jBPM toolkit to enhance business productivity with automated workflows and intelligent decision-making. We have successfully completed several projects for business process management and automation for clients from across the globe. For more information, please visit our website or send us your queries at [email protected].

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